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The world has made great strides in the medical field that has created many milestones in the wake where you can cure most diseases at a quicker pace today than you could in old times when there was virtually no cure for life threatening ones.

Speaking of cure, the corona virus pandemic has taken the death toll to an alarming rate where all the nations have come together to fight it while in the meantime the doctors are working out a vaccine that should be out in a few months from now.

It is not that things were any better even before corona broke out from China and slowly took the other countries into its grasp because mankind was already grappling with various diseases, both normal and life threatening, prior to this virus.

Preventive Measures

One such ailment is back pain, which tends to take it out of aged folks who can’t stand or sit straight due to this issue and this problem continues to persist most of them where they start feeling that death would be a much better option.

Now back pain can be both acute and chronic in nature and it is the latter that is the worst because it stays with you for a lifetime and death is the only means to get relief from the pain.

Today, even youngsters are prone to back issues as there have been many cases of small children with drooping shoulders while walking that some people attribute it to lack of calcium and vitamin deficiency in their body but it must be said here that they themselves are responsible for this.

It has been seen that most children never sit on the chair or bed with their back straight but spread out completely even while sitting at a desk while working, which slowly begins to sore and before they know it, the pain engulfing them become unbearable that only a surgery can cure.

Therefore, youngsters are advised to take preventive measures at the earliest before things get worse but what about old people who don’t seem to find any respite as their advanced age is an added burden with slower reflexes.


The symptoms associated with back pain are:

  1. Constant pain in the spinal area with regular aches
  2. Pain in the upper neck and lower back, which is caused by lifting heavy objects
  3. Pain in the muscles at the back while standing

If the above symptoms persist for a longer period, it is best to get a spinal treatment as early as possible because they will only get graver with age. There is a minimally invasive spine surgery Austin that is quite successful in spine surgeries where the best surgeons are up to the task.

You can find plenty of spinal surgeons in your city who are great at their job but take care to manage the complications that arise post surgery as they are quite difficult to manage in old age.

All in all, spinal treatment is the best option for back pain like no other and the proof is there for all to see.

If you have let your child play as my previous article suggested, then you should have a sufficiently developed adolescent to really start training. The should have developed flexibility, relative strength (strength based on body weight), speed, agility, power, and balance. Since these have been developed you now have a solid base to work with and start training your adolescent with more advanced training regimens.

The first thing you will do when you work with an adolescent is to sit down and see what their goals are for this training. Once you know these goals you can properly lay down your plan or road map to reach the goal. When it comes to weight room training at this stage in the participants life you still want to be on the side of safety. Teach them the exercises in the program with just the bar and make sure they develop sufficient technique before you start progressing them. If you are not sure of proper technique there are many books and videos on the subject. If the adolescent is training for sports you should look at Olympic lifting videos and power lifting videos. These to strength and power sports require the best techniques either for their competitions or they translate the best to the athletic field. If they adolescent is training for aesthetic purposes then reading up on bodybuilding techniques might be the best idea. All of these techniques can be used for any number of reason and they all have originated from the same background. Once a solid technical base has been achieved (this may take a few weeks up to a few months depending on the lift and the person learning) then you can start setting up an even more organized training program to develop the adolescent. For weight loss, the selection of the pre workout canada products can be done. Either it is training program or not, the intake will offer the desired benefits. Along with the males, females can consume the pills for boosting stamina. Proper research can be conducted at online sites for the purchase of the best one. 

Normally you would look into using a typical linear periodization model to train the adolescent. This will work really well through the first few years of training. If you do not know what linear periodization is, it is a system of setting up your training phases to reach certain strength goals. This system works well for whatever purpose you want. The first phase may be an endurance phase. During this time the adolescent will perform high repetitions (15-50) with very good for and a pretty short rest. If this person is training indefinitely you can set up how long this phase will last. After this phase you will most likely progress into a hypertrophy phase. This size will be used to gain a lot of muscle. The repetitions will fall between 8-15 and you will take approximately60-90 seconds of rest between sets. This is pretty close to what bodybuilders will use most of the year. The next progression would be a strength phase. During this phase heavier weights will start being used for 5-8 reps with a 2-3 minute rest. This phase will also allow for a lot of muscle to be put on the adolescent assuming the diet is made in such a way to do so. The last phase is normally a Pure strength Phase in which you will perform you big lifts for 1-3 reps per set and take 3-6 minutes in between sets. During this phase you must take proper steps to help the adolescent recover since this will be extremely taxing on the body. This is normally the last phase and you would go back and repeat the process again. if you are training a strength and power athlete you may want to cut out or shorten the endurance phase and add in a power phase after the pure strength phase. In this phase you will still use 1-3 reps per set but at a much lighter load, attempting to move the weight as fast as possible.

These steps can be used for many of the adolescent years and make very good progress while preparing the body for more advanced techniques as they get older. With a good teacher, their technique should be flawless and the amount of injuries sustained during this time should be very minimal if any. The adolescent goes through many changes with the body and will get strong fast. This is probably the best time to train an adolescent because you make a lot of mistakes in the training and still look like an awesome personal trainer. Have fun with these groups of kids.

Once again, the “Clean Your House” camp is at it, thrusting out this absurd advice to people who want to lose weight, shrink their stomach and burn enough fat to change their body.

Recently, the “10 Gut Busters” list came out and is all over the Internet, and one of the weight loss and stomach shrinking guidelines is to “Clean your house.” I’m a certified personal trainer, but long before I became a personal trainer, I recognized the deep flaw in this idea that cleaning the house can produce weight loss or flatten the stomach.

The biggest flaw that should pop out to anybody who wants to lose weight, increase fat-burning or lose belly fat, is that you are being told to do something (“Clean your house”) that you ALREADY do! This is a constant, not a variable!

So how is something, that you’ve already been doing, going to suddenly cause weight loss or burn stomach fat? This has got to be one of the dopiest approaches to weight loss in decades!

And if cleaning the house suddenly means weight loss, then why not tack everything else you do in a day onto the fat-burning equation? How about taking a shower and washing your hair? Those burns calories, no?

How about shaving, styling one’s hair, trying on clothes at the store, making bread, grooming the dog, changing a diaper, walking around at the office and anything else you do in a typical day?

Good grief! Living burns calories. If you want to stay in denial and make excuses not to engage in consistent, structured cardiovascular and resistance exercise, then keep on telling yourself that you can take any task that you’ve already been doing in daily living, and magically make that a variable in your life that causes weight loss and burns stomach fat!

So now that you believe that housework counts as weight loss exercise, you can now magically make all the other things you do every day cause weight loss, like dressing your preschooler, unloading the groceries, carrying around your attaché case and blow drying your hair!

Denial does not cause weight loss nor shrink the waistline. In order to burn more fat and lose weight, you must impose a training stimulus (demand) upon your body that it is not accustomed to, such as sustained jogging or workout out with weights.

Unless you’ve had live-in maid service all your life, your body is already very accustomed to cleaning the house! Why NOW would it suddenly cause weight loss or flatten your abs?

To burn lots of fat, lose weight and shrink your stomach:

Get to the gym. Hit the machines, barbells and dumbbells. Get outside and jog or briskly walk with pumping arms. Take a fitness class. Pedal hard. Jump. Sprint on a track. Run the bleachers. Dash up hills. Move to a workout DVD. Alternate pushups with mountain climbers. Please, people, get the picture!

“Extra fat-burning ain’t gonna happen” with cleaning the house! It is more possible to lose weight and burn fat by taking resurge reviews than by just simply cleaning the house. There are several effective ways to lose weight and burn fat and cleaning your house even the entire day si certainly not one of those.

Cold Water Can Cause Cancer

In Health
On May 28, 2020

I have heard that drinking cold water after meals may cause severe cancer. I love drinking cold water especially when I am done eating my meals. All the way until I was with my friend who is half African American and half Japanese. She went back to her country and came back with extraordinary news. She said that cold water can cause cancer. At first I laughed it sounded funny until I realized that it wasn’t a joke. It hasn’t yet been proven in the United States but it’s very common in Japan. So I thought like any other human being would think and I asked her to describe to me how drinking cold water can cause cancer.

Well forget about the rest let me get to the point. Once the cold water emerges from the bottle into your system after you eat a meal and your food has not digested yet the cold water will hold the chewed food still. This will of course slow down the eating process known as digestion. Once this happens your food moves about as fast as a snail. Once the slow solid food moves and attaches to the acid it will decompose it will absorb quickly by the intestine as if it was whole. According to the 

 http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/223712/Does_drinking_cold_water_cause_cancer_ this will line the inside of your body especially the intestines. Shortly and eventually this will cause cancer. I know crazy right that’s the same thing I thought. Then again it has not been proven in the United States or in America period I believe. So it may not be true but I won’t take any chances. If you don’t believe me look it up and do some research on it and see for yourself. They even say that there’s a diet plan to this method in some websites. The only reason that I believe in the diet process method is because Japanese people have been proven to be much healthier than Americans. Have you ever seen a fat or oversized Japanese person? No! So maybe some of the methods for these things really do work. Why not drinking hot tea after my meals instead of cold water! I mean it does kind of make sense even though there are no scientific facts to back up this allegation it kind of haves me on the difference about it. I don’t really believe it because it can’t be proven and I do kind of believe it because I’ve actually seen how “sludge” as scientist refer to it as can slow down the food process.

This debate of cold water and hot water can go on forever but one must be aware of the benefits and limitations of both of them so that there is no compromise with your health and this can be done by looking up an interesting article online titled something like diamond rock spring water review where you can get all the information.

How To Become A Pro Gamer?

On May 27, 2020

E-sports is becoming really popular over the world. A lot of young people are aspiring to join one of the top e-sports team and rock the stage! Gaming is a passion for many. They do not play games just like a casual hobby, but plan to take it to a professional level. The e-sports industry is growing with every passing year. If you are planning to become a pro player as well, then we have some really vital tips that can help you. Take a look at them in the upcoming segment and check out how to do valorant boost in our other articles in web.

Tips To Become Pro Gamer in 2020

The gaming industry is becoming competitive more than ever. Check out these ways in which you can improve yourself as a pro-gamer – 

Upgrade Your System –

a lot of people usually believe that your skills are more important than your gear. Yes, it is absolutely true to some extent, but at the same time, you must try to understand that without proper gaming system you cannot showcase your skills. With a laggy system, low FPS monitor or uncomfortable gaming mouse, the ability to test your skills and improve them gets limited big time. That is why, set up a proper budget and make sure to upgrade your system in order to become a pro gamer and develop your skills along the way.

Watch And Learn –

unfortunately you cannot attend a special course to develop your gaming skills or get a degree for it. But you can surely rely on the idea of self-learning in this industry. Almost all pro gamers in the world started out as an amateur. They have risen up the ranks by watching and learning videos, & reading blogs. Check out YouTube channels of world-wide gamers and gaming community where they upload informative videos about how to develop your skills and learn new techniques. Follow gamers and experts from the genre of gaming you want to be a pro at. Note down their advice and recommendation regarding lot of things like skills, gaming accessories, etc.

Choose a Particular Game / Genre –

you cannot be the master of every game that is available out there. In order to be a professional gamer, you have to select which game you are going to be great at. Be it Call of Duty, DOTA, PUBG, FIFA, or any other games, as a pro-gamer you are supposed to be the best in one genre. Identify the game which gives you the motivation to play more and you actually enjoy playing. You got to love the game you play or else you can never master it. This will make it easier for you to dedicate yourself to it.

Never Stop Learning –

always remember that there are people trying to over take you in life. Same goes for the e-sports industry. As it is becoming more competitive every year, players cannot afford to skip learning new techniques, try out new strategies and practice their ability at all times. If you want to be the best than others, you have to learn everything that there is about your gaming genre or the game itself. Even if something seems to small to be given importance, do check it out before others do. Keeping yourself up-to-date gives you an edge.

Network With Other Gamers –

in the process of becoming a professional gamer, you have to come together with same set of people. Meet and connect with different gamers and share your thoughts together. Stay connected to the community, engage in their events, and also play games together. This will not only help you to pave a way towards a better opportunity to get identified as a professional, but allows you to test your skills and strategies. Moreover, you can also learn new skills, tips and tricks from other people of the same gaming team.

So, these are the top tips that you may follow in order to become a professional gamer. The life of a gamer is not easy and it takes quite a lot of effort in order to get recognized at the international or national level. Make sure to remain dedicated to your passion and keep practicing. You’ll surely succeed one day!

If you knew you were regularly consuming an item that put you at an increased risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, you would want to stop immediately, right? What if removing that item from your diet meant it could help you lose weight while strengthening your bones and your teeth? That’s just all the more reason to take this item out of diet! Well, if you are sitting at your computer right now drinking a soda, you may want to think twice about your soda habit because removing soda from your diet can have a significant improvement on your health.

First, if you are drinking your soda out of a can, you may not realize that most soda cans are lined with BPA (bisphenol A), a synthetic estrogen used to harden plastics and make items shatter-proof. While many people only associate plastics with BPA, it is used in cans to extend the shelf life of the soda. BPA is harmful to developing fetuses, infants, and is linked to infertility, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Second, drinking soda weakens your teeth and bones. If you want a pretty smile, put down your soda right now! Soda delivers a double blow to your teeth because it contains both sugar and acids that soften teeth. Many sodas, regardless of if they are diet or regular, contain phosphoric and citric acid. These are used to provide a tart or sour flavor. Once the enamel on your teeth erodes, it leaves your teeth more sensitive and susceptible to decay. Phosphoric acid also has been shown to limit calcium absorption into the body. You need calcium for strong bones, so even if you are eating a healthy diet, the soda you consume may work against you. Osteoporosis research points out that women who regularly drank soda (any type of it), had a bone mineral density almost four percent lower than those who did not drink it.

This is alarming news for people that are soda addicts and is enough to see the grave repercussions that it can have on the body because you don’t know what lies in store for old age due to calcium deficiency. Just make sure that you have Trusted CoolSculpting Specialists serving Old Bridge to give your body an image makeover.

Third, there is no nutritional value in soda. If you regularly drink a 12-ounce can of soda, you are consuming on average 160 calories! Those extra calories quickly lead to extra pounds. Are you off the hook if you drink diet soda? Surprisingly, research shows that people who consume diet soda (rather than water), actually gain more weight! The reason why is because the artificial sweeteners used in the diet soda actually increase your craving for sweet foods. It keeps your brain wanting more sweets, and so you are more tempted by that donut if you are a diet soda drinker than if you are a water drinker!

Fourth, drinking soda regularly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Soda consumption is linked to weight gain, specifically in the belly area, which is a major risk factor for this disease and also for heart disease. The added sugars in soda can quickly add up, and many people may not consider the calories in them when watching their caloric intake.

Lastly, if you or anyone you know has ever suffered from painful kidney stones, then soda should be the furthest thing from your drinking glass! Phosphoric acid in sodas changes the way kidneys process urine and can put you at an increased risk for developing kidney stones. Both diet and regular sodas contain phosphoric acid, so there is no “safe” soda to consume it if you want to avoid kidney stones.

Soda is so readily available in our culture that we rarely take the time to consider what is in it or how it affects our health. It is also easy to remove it from our diet and replace it with healthy, thirst-quenching, calorie-free water. If you are transitioning from soda to water, consider flavoring your water with lemon and fresh cut fruit (like strawberries) to get a little natural sweetness. Before long, your soda habit will be long gone along with a few pounds!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could lose those last ten pounds while enjoying a mini-vacation in a spa like environment? Weight loss spas that promise to help make the task of weight loss easier and more pleasant have sprung up across the country. Here are some of the best weight loss spa vacations:

Weight loss spa vacations: Hilton Head Institute

The little island of Hilton Head off the coast of South Carolina offers a healthy weight loss boot camp in a luxurious, retreat setting. Based on sound principles of weight loss and healthy living, each participant learns the principles of lifestyle management, education, and lifetime nutrition. Meetings with a lifestyle coach give each attendee an opportunity to define their weight loss goals as well as choose specific educational tools to meet their needs. Classes include Pilates, kickboxing, beach walks, dance classes, strength training, yoga, and even healthy cooking classes. Plus, there are lots of amenities such as massage and body treatments to promote relaxation. Best of all the average guest who stays for two weeks loses anywhere from seven to fourteen pounds while relaxing on the beautiful resort island of Hilton Head. A medical spa treatment will offer plenty of benefits to the person. Different activities will be conducted like dancing and singing to keep the body healthy. Proper education should be provided about medical tolls available in the spas. Complete relaxation will be provided to the person to stay healthy ad fit. 

Weight loss spa vacations: The Pritikin Longevity Center

This healthy weight loss plan is based on sound medical principles. Upon arriving, you’ll undergo a complete physical including blood work and a cardiac stress test. You’ll have access to consultation with a variety of specialists in their fields including top notch nutritionists and exercise counselors. All of this taking place in a resort like, tropical paradise in Adventura, Florida. While at the center, you’ll participate in classes which emphasize the three essential components of a successful exercise program, aerobic, flexibility, and strength training. You’ll then enjoy the bountiful, yet nutritious food offerings that are chef quality creations without all the calories found in most spa food. There’s plenty of pampering including massages and specialized skin care treatments such as chemical peels and Botox injections. It’s a program for rejuvenation of both skin and body.

Weight loss spa vacations: Cooper Aerobics Center

This spa experience is based on the teachings of Kenneth Cooper, M.D, the father of aerobics. During this six day experience, you’ll start with a complete fitness evaluation and will have a customized workout designed to meet your needs. In addition to any one of almost eighty exercise classes, you’ll be treated to gourmet, heart healthy meals and luxury spa services such as massage, stone therapy, and facials. A variety of educational courses are offered where you’ll learn everything from relaxation techniques to how to eat healthy. You’ll emerge from your vacation refreshed and eager to continue your new healthy lifestyle when you return home.

If you’re looking for a fun way to lose weight and develop better eating and exercise habits, a weight loss spa vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have all the privileges right from the day they are born into a wealthy family while others achieve their goals and become wealthy through sheer hard work and determination so that their coming generations are lucky to have the silver spoon that they couldn’t.

There is the argument of channeling your inner spirits and staying focused to your goals in life by harboring a fire of passion to succeed at all costs with a positive attitude because the path to success is filled with thorns and darkness all around while the bright light towards success is quite far.

Speaking of light, it is said to be faster than wind and mind that has a historical significance right from ancient times when it played a significant role for making newer breakthroughs although its origins vary as there are numerous sources that indicate its presence everywhere.


When it comes to historical significance, we all have read in our school books of how Sir Isaac Newton conducted an experiment where he held a prism in front of sunlight and discovered that it emanated the colors of rainbow when it passed through and is thus credited for this discovery.

Light Emitting Diodes is a term that very few people must have heard of but if you shorten it to LED, the doubts vanish because it is not only heard by everyone, but is used in our daily lives on a regular basis.

LED lights are said to be the source from a semiconductor that emanates light when passing through a current, which indicates that its main source is electricity and this experiment was practiced in 1962.

At that time, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today but the LEDs did give out light of extremely low intensity that were used in circuits that were controlled through variants in consumer electronics.

Where would we be if there was no light in our lives and the whole world would have been a dark venue where there was nothing to look forward to because you can’t see its beauty.

Light has worked as a metaphor for joy and happiness where you can feel strong emotional moments in life that give you the exuberance of a lifetime that cannot be put into words because the beauty of certain things lies in silence.

Light Up your Life

LED technology has risen up by several notches in the past few years but very few people know that cannabis is the main source for these lights and they are prominent enough to merit an entire report of their own but that is for another day.

Grow lights were not seen with the same lens and people found it difficult to mention it in the same sentence as LED but due to high quality performance, the perception changed and there is hardly any household today where you won’t find them.

It is now clear that LED is here to stay and even motor vehicles have now switched over to LED and given up on halogen due to the unnecessary expenses it caused, especially for bikes.

You might be having cheap LED grow lights for your indoor garden but there are 3 types of grow lights that deserve a mention:

  • Standard LED- They are around 5 to 6 watts per LED and are a mixed texture of blue and red, which has led to cannabis users coining it with the term ‘purple’ light
  • Chip on Board (COB) consist of hundreds of miniature LEDs in a small chip and is similar to the natural and original light emanating from the sun
  • There are small LED lights that you can spread out on a huge panel that are termed spread styled for better understanding

RV Antenna Benefits

On May 27, 2020

Its fun to go on a family vacation. Whether you go to the lake, the mountains or that popular family theme park ‘” family vacations are to be remembered and treasured. But one of the best things about traveling by RV is not only saving money on any vacation you take but also enjoying all of the comforts of home. That’s why everyone enjoys the RV antenna.

When your RV or camper has an RV antenna you can easily see your favorite television shows with a clear picture ‘” no matter where you are. So the kids can watch their cartoons, Mom can watch her cooking shows and Dad can watch his fishing and sports shows all while on a great family vacation, with thanks to the antenna. It’s easy to install and put on your RV.

Many people may have heard about the frustration of losing a television signal while traveling far away, through mountains or even through a thunderstorm. But that’s the long ago antenna and not today’s version. Today’s antenna is far better and you can have confidence that it will perform well. So if the family is huddled in the RV while there is a thunderstorm outside and you can’t enjoy the fun theme park, at least you can enjoy a great family movie on television with popcorn or snacks together. Some might say that the RV antenna helps to make your family vacations and any travel just a bit more fun and easier. Especially when you travel with children or anyone who has a favorite television show they simply don’t want to miss no matter what. For the best services of antenna, the selection of the best RV batteries should be done. Proper research should be done at online websites to know about the batteries. The charges will be less at online stores when compared to the other. All information should be available with the person. 

The miles will just fly by when you have an RV antenna. It’s easier to keep children and guest occupied as you travel because they can enjoy cartoons, movies, game shows, cooking shows, sports, documentaries and more. Anyone who travels by RV knows the fun and excitement of the open road. But sometimes travel can be a bit frustrating and you can wish you were at your destination already. Having great television reception is an excellent way to keep everyone entertained and let them have fun as you travel from county to county or state to state or even across the entire country!

Now is the time to plan that RV vacation of your dreams. With the RV antenna it is easier than ever to travel with family and friends. There’s no worry over losing your reception as you pass through majestic mountains or roll through a hailstorm. This is especially ideal if you want to watch the weather report for your current location or destination on television. Or if you home school and want to let your children watch educational television shows. There are so many choices available to you today. While yesterday’s traveler had more frustration, today’s traveler has many more opportunities ‘” thanks to this great antenna.

Happy Travels to you and you family wherever you choose to roam. Your RV antenna will come with you and you’ll always enjoy great television reception. Wake up to a fun and energizing morning show or cartoons for the kids. Watch that “must see” sports game for Dad or the family during the day. And catch that popular family movie at night after dinner, while enjoying the fun that RV travel always offers!

Reading reviews and rating of medical breakthrough massage chairs or as you visit for recliner reviews you may be able to get the best chair that is there in the market. However, besides all this, there are certain important and essential things that you should pay attention to as you look for massage chairs or recliners. In this article, we are going to help you understand all the important points that you should be looking at as you do your research on medical massage chairs and how to check for their durability as well. 

  1. You should start by paying attention to the availability and supply of the massage chair that you are interested in, in the market. This is a great way through which you can determine the efficiency of the services that you might need in the future. Moreover, popular massage chairs that offer tons of features at an affordable price are going to be more popular in the market.
    This is how you can create your list of potential options as well.
    Additionally, if you are going for bulk order, you will face no problems whatsoever.
  2. Secondly, you should pay attention to the location of your supplier or the store that you will buy your chairs from. This is a great way to ensure that there is no shipping damage. Moreover, you will get a sense of convenience as well, as you buy your products from a local store.
    Considering all this, it is advised that you avoid buying medical massage chairs from suppliers that are too far from your location.
    This is where you can ask for referrals from your friends or colleagues. As they might be in contact with a credible supplier already. This will save you a great deal of time and effort as you will probably get the very best and durable chairs like this. 
  3. Thereafter, you should do proper research on the features and the different offers that are going on for the chairs that you are interested in. This is where you can do your research online and learn more about the promotional events and discount offers so that you can get your favorite chair at a cheaper price.
    Besides that, you can also consult your supplier so that they can recommend some of the best options that are available in the market. Although, it is really important that your supplier is highly proficient and experienced in this field as these chairs are really expensive and if you might end up wasting a lot of your money if you are not that careful.
  4. In the next step, you should have a good look at the overall maintenance costs of the massage chairs that you are interested in. In this case, you should look at the cost of the parts, how much is it going to cost per service, how frequent these services are going to be, and what is the battery life of the chair.
    All these factors will give you a fair idea of the amount that you need to spend on the chair over time. It is also important that you look for professionals that can help you with the repair and service of your chair at affordable prices as well. 
  5. Lastly, it is also important that you check out the customer service of the brand you are interested in. As there are multiple components in these medical chairs you might need guidance for. This is why in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future you should get in touch with the customer service beforehand. 

These are the 5 essentials that you should keep in your mind as you go out in the market or look online for medical massage chairs.

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