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Text messaging’s a big deal. There are more than 500 million users worldwide, and that number is growing every day. The company behind one of the world’s most popular texting apps, Tango, has decided to take on the task of creating an industry-first private texting app for its users. On August 7, 2017, Tango announced its plans to launch a brand new platform called Privacy Notes, offering free text messages between two people in return for providing their personal data to advertisers. It sounds like a great idea at first glance, but will it really solve anything? 

It all started when Tango was launched back in 2008. At the time, the company was known as Jangg (Jangg is Korean slang for “to chat”). With Tango, the founders had created a unique way for you to send instant messages without having to use your actual phone number. Rather than simply sending texts to other users with your regular phone or mobile device, Tango uses a combination of WiFi and GPS to find you wherever you are online. Once it does, it sends you a text message with a link inviting you to join the service. If you click on the link, you can open up what’s essentially a web browser window where you can log into the site using your login information from your existing website or social media account. From there, you can start chatting with whoever you want — no need for them to have a Tango account. 

And this worked so well! In just a few years, Tango grew to become the #1 free messaging app by volume of monthly active users around the globe, according to Apptopia. While Tango wasn’t the only player on the field, it definitely set itself apart from others thanks to its innovative feature. And while Tango had a lot of success, it didn’t last forever. As reported by TechCrunch, Tango was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014. And while there were rumors about whether or not Facebook would keep Tango separate from its main Facebook product, they never materialized. And after spending a decade building the service, Tango was shut down in December 2016, which left many wondering about the future of the now-defunct app. 

Fast forward to today, and Tango is no longer even available on Google Play Store. So if you want to use the service, you’ll need to download the app directly from the developer’s website. But will it be there long-term? Will anyone ever use it? 

Well, according to the company behind the app, there’s still a place for Tango in the market, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. This week, Tango announced that it’s bringing back its original name, and launching a brand new private texting platform called Privacy Notes — which is completely different than the old app. According to the company, the goal of Privacy Notes is to offer a secure and reliable way for two friends to communicate privately over text, without having to give up their personal information to advertisers or sharing their location with strangers. 

Here’s how it works. You can go to the Privacy Notes website, type in a nickname or email address for yourself, then enter your own password to sign in. Once you’re signed in, you can choose who you want to share your privacy note with — anyone else who has access to your email address. Then, you simply type out whatever you want to say in the body of the message — in real time — and hit send. A short while later, you’ll receive a reply from your recipient (if they’ve chosen to respond) with their response embedded within the body of the message. To read the full privacy note, you can click on the little envelope icon next to each message you receive, and select either “Copy Message” or “Open Message” to view it in a pop-up. 

To make things even better, you don’t have to worry about your privacy being compromised because of third-party sites. The entire process takes place inside the Tango messaging app, so any data is encrypted before it leaves your device. No one can see or listen to your conversations, and you can delete your messages whenever you want. 

As an added bonus, Privacy Notes offers some pretty cool features. For example, you can include photos, gifs, music, and videos in your messages, which can add a much needed element of fun to your chats. And as noted above, the company says that you don’t have to give up any of your personal information to use the service, since everything happens inside of Tango’s messaging system. 

In the traditional time people used to create the message with their hands. But as the technology got advanced now the creation of the Privnote is also possible digitally. This has made the life of the people simpler. Now they can easily create the message on time with better clearance and quality.

So why should we care? Well, for starters, Tango offered a unique approach to messaging that no one else could replicate. While there were plenty of other services that offered similar functionality to Tango, none of them had the same level of engagement. Users loved the fact that they could talk to random people around the world, regardless of what phone or device they used. And because Tango was based on GPS technology, it actually made the process of connecting with somebody feel less creepy than other forms of communication. Plus, the company built a loyal following that was willing to pay to use the service, which also helped drive revenue for the company. 

But is it enough to bring back Tango once again? We’ll have to wait until September 11th to find out. Privacy Notes officially launches on that date, and the company hopes to attract tens of thousands of users to the service in the coming months. But will they stick around? Only time will tell. 

The steroids people use to bulk up and gain muscles are more prevalent in the market, so it can be a little tough to find the ones for weight loss. The marketing companies also focus on the bulking steroids more, so you can find yourself getting lost. If you want to lose weight, you need to purchase specific weight-loss steroids from Mactropin.

What are weight loss steroids?

These steroids are thermogenic and suppress the appetite of the person. They help a person burn stubborn body fat and reach their goal of cutting excessive muscles or fat. Once you start taking these steroids, you will shed the fat and reach your weight goal on the scales. The best part of these steroids is that they are legal to use.

Three major steroids for weight loss

  • Clenbutrol

Clenbuterol is known as the most effective weight loss steroid for people. It is a safe alternative to Clenbuterol, and you get similar results without any harmful side effects. It is good for the people who have a competition shortly, and want to cut down to become more fit. The ingredients used in this are completely safe and natural which makes it a popular choice nowadays.

  • Anvarol

If you want to reduce your body fat and retain the muscle tissue, Anvarol is the perfect choice for you. It contains ingredients that can boost your muscle growth but only for a slight amount. If you want to get a lean and muscular look similar to the fitness models you see, this is the steroid you should opt for. It burns the fat slowly when compared to Clenbutrol, so you get more control over how many pounds you want to shed. The results are not drastic, so it is perfect for those who want to retain their lean muscles and lose any excess fat in the body.

  • Winsol

You should use this steroid alone to get better results or in combination with other steroids if you want to control the weight you lose. For first-time users, this steroid can help them to drop around 10 lbs easily within two weeks. In two months, most users can lose 25 lbs in fat, water, and maybe some muscles.

How to choose the best steroid for yourself?

You need to have a proper fitness goal in mind before you start using any of these steroids. You need to determine whether you want to burn fat and lose any excess weight, or you want to gain muscles in addition to it? Do you want to add muscles and use these weight loss steroids in addition to the testosterone producers? Do you want to shed all the fat and gain muscle later on? These questions are crucial, and you need to have the answer to them, so you can get the most effective results. Simply, choosing the first steroid you lay your eyes on isn’t enough, it should work per your fitness plan.

It is always better to choose the legal steroids from the market, and while it might seem tough, many brands have those in production. You should buy the steroids from a trustworthy company with a proven record of products that helped people without any side effects. You should make sure that they follow all the safety measures and don’t have risks associated with their products. You can buy legal steroids from Mactropin and lose weight while taking care of your health.

You don’t need to suffer the side effects of the steroids anymore and can have the best of both worlds. It is always better to stay safe and do the research properly before making a purchase.

Facts Most People Ignore About Steroids

On June 27, 2022

There has been a rise in the use of performance-enhancing substances like steroids among sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts. Steroids have been used for years to help people gain strength, build muscle, and gain weight. Various sources, including local counter shops and the internet, sell anabolic steroids. Know all about masteron enanthate in this article.

More professional sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts are using performance-enhancing substances, such as anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids have long been credited with aiding athletes’ development of endurance, strength, and mass. There are several places to buy steroids, including local drug stores and the internet. It is possible to get organic steroids with few or no adverse effects from several companies. Despite numerous studies showing that steroid use is safe in moderation, many people remain wary about doing so. You can learn the facts about steroids and how to utilize them appropriately.

Common Myths About Steroids That Are Easy to Understand

Steroids are immediately associated with bodybuilding & muscle growth when people think about them. Steroids can be utilized for various health reasons, including weight increase and muscle building. To stay healthy while using steroids, it is recommended that you see a doctor or an expert in nutrition before using them in your diet. These are some of the things that most people don’t know about steroids:

  • The body’s ability to synthesize protein is aided by steroids, which can increase muscle mass.
  • When taken regularly, steroids can aid in weight loss and fat loss.
  • Anabolic steroids can increase users’ muscular mass, strength, and endurance when taken orally.
  • Injuries and strenuous workouts recover more quickly.
  • Strengthened bones with increased mineral density.
  • Muscle and weight endurance have increased.
  • promote the formation of red blood cells.

Due to the terms and conditions of the sports community, professional athletes playing in tournaments and contests are prohibited from using steroids. People who lead everyday lives, on the other hand, have the option of using steroids for bulking up. If you plan on taking steroids, you should always visit a doctor beforehand. Before using steroid medication, ensure your doctor is aware of any existing medical conditions. At steroid-USA-based online merchants and sites, steroids can be purchased. Inexpensive steroid products of the highest quality can be found online. Before making a purchase, verify the seller’s credentials. To identify the best steroid brand for one’s needs and health, one should conduct online research on numerous steroid brands.

Steroids are an effective way to increase endurance

An often-overlooked benefit of steroids is their ability to increase one’s stamina and thus their ability to perform better during physical activity. Lifting hefty weights is an essential element of the muscle-building & bodybuilding process, and it requires a lot of stamina & endurance on the part of the individual. Testosterone steroids are helpful for athletes and fitness buffs because they increase stamina. They can also do crunches, weightlifting, and other exercises for longer this way.

Another prevalent fallacy about steroids is that even a regular diet can yield the same outcomes. Steroids, meanwhile, show outcomes that are impossible to accomplish with any diet or exercise plan.

Bodybuilders’ Dream- Muscle Machismo

In Bodybuilding
On May 13, 2022

What goes through your mind when you watch your favorite professional wrestlers from WWE or AEW fight it out in the ring and bust their body day in and day out just for your entertainment.

WWE has been a craze throughout the whole world for nearly 4 decades and a big credit goes to the famous wrestlers that provide unlimited entertainment to the viewers.

Their bulked physique, bulging muscles, ripped thighs, body hair and many other charismatic features inspire the youth to take up wrestling as a career. It inspires a deep sense of motivation for youngsters to take up bodybuilding in a big way and they go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

A bodybuilders’ dream is not just to gain muscle mass but sustain it for the longest period of time. Beginners that are new to this world don’t realize the rigorous training and practice they go through to get a muscled physique so it is necessary to educate them about it.

Points of Note

There are many things that have to be followed to get strong body features- perseverance and dedication is just two of them. When you’re completely focused on the goal in front of you then nothing can stop you from getting the desired results instead of relying on testo e injections.

Getting bulging muscles require tremendous motivation and positivity in your being so that it will keep pushing you further despite obstacles trying to pull you back and break your spirits.

You need around 2500 to 3000 calories to get a pound of muscle for which you need to eat and drink healthy stuff most, if not all, the time. It isn’t that you have to completely give up on junk food but just that it has to be only once in a while.

Some people that are new to the gym world are under the assumption that lifting heavyweights for 9 hours in the gym will give them results when in fact it can only lead to grievous injury.

The following tips are going to be of great help for people that are seriously into bodybuilding and want to achieve results as early as possible because you can get it if you’re serious about it.


The first step is to give up fast food like burgers, French fries, aerated drinks, chips, etc. and start eating leafy green stuff like fruits and vegetables. You cannot consume chicken breast and steak at the gym but protein supplements are a must.

Protein shake too is debatable among health experts as they feel that a heavy breakfast can do wonders so you can start your morning with oatmeal, sandwiches laced with peanut butter and maple syrup, egg white for calcium that is good for increasing bone mass and a boiled potato.

For sustained increase in muscle mass, you need to eat the right food at the right time so do so every 3 hours so what you can do is apart from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can have light meals post workout and before going to bed with a small snack in the evening because eating smaller meals at regular intervals will reduce your stomach instead of bigger ones in one go.

Five types of supplements-based pills are available in the market for weight loss and due to their popularity, they are being used widely. One food supplement for continuous use will surely create some adverse effects for human health and mostly this happens in case of weight loss. However one can reduce weight with a single product in long run but negative effects will also be there. Currently, fat burners are considered one of the five best weight loss pills. Fat burners such as PhenQ are actually supplement-based pills that increase the metabolic rate of the user and everyone knows that to burn the fat at a greater speed it is necessary that the metabolic rate should be higher.

Many fat burners also help in suppressing the appetite because with controlled appetite users eat less quantity of food and burn extra fat stored in the body to get energy. Many users have reported that they are feeling great stamina for exercise due to increased metabolic rate and they do not feel any sort of energy deficiency due to fat burning. In actuality they get extra energy due to this process and fat stored in the body becomes the fuel of the body.

The second best weight loss pills are colon cleansers and most people agree that weight loss is possible with them because in the normal routine of life human body stores many toxins in the body. With the passage of time, their accumulated weight becomes more than 20 pounds. So while reducing the weight of the body start must be taken by reducing the weight of such toxins. Colon cleansing is becoming a very healthy solution for weight loss due to other positive effects on the body. Toxins present in the body reduce the pace of metabolism and impure the body. This results in fatigue, mental disturbance, and sleeping disorder. Discharge of such toxins from the body improves health by making the better digestion and absorption of the food. The third type of food supplement is meal replacement. They are mostly found in the shape of powder drinks and they offer the optimal amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat to make the meal healthy. People who are unable to prepare healthy food can use such supplements to stay healthy.

On the fourth position, fatty acids are considered best weight loss agents. Like GLA, CLA and omega-3 they all are fatty acids are necessary for the good health. Omega-3 is important to supplement for mental and physical health. People who can eat fish have no need of omega-3 because fish oil is source of omega-3 but people who do not like fish can use flax seeds or fish oil in their diet and ultimately in shape of pills. CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is another important fatty acid which helps in muscle growth and reduces abdominal fat. Cholesterol level in the body can be controlled with it. GLA refers to Gamma Linolenic Acid helpful in suppressing the appetite. In the last multivitamins are considered good for health and reducing weight by balancing the hormones.

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