Freeman Facial Masque Cucumber Melon & Ginseng 6 Oz

I was born with this face; my face. Due to genetics, I have oily skin combined with dry spots around my nose. Due to genetics it’s not unusual for breakouts to occur. Due to genetics though I will die with a baby face when I am old. I’m grateful for the fact that my family is wrinkle free, however because I smoke I take extra special care in making sure the small lines I have now, don’t develop into giant crows feet when I’m really, really old. (If I live to really, really old anyway).

If I’m not washing my face with micro beads, or applying moisturizer like a maniac, I’m looking for new ways to rejuvenate or refreshen my facial skin.

My journeys brought me to Freeman Facial Masque Cucumber Melon  amp; Ginseng about 2 years ago. I still have the bottle, and use it whenever I feel like I need to rid my face of excessive dry skin.


There’s nothing glorious about the packaging, its a standard stand up tube, with a crappy drawn photo of cucumbers and cantaloupe. The tube itself has a green tint to it, as does the gel inside of the tube.

The Promise:

I bought Freeman Facial Masque Cucumber Melon  amp; Ginseng based on my own assumptions. It’s a peel… therefore it will peel away dry skin. However according to the tube, using the peel would peel away impurities, which would leave skin smooth. I don’t know about impurities… I just wanted it to get rid of dry skin. That seems impure enough to me.

How It Worked:

According to the bottle, I had to apply generously to clean skin. Allow the gel to dry for 20 minutes, and peel. It sounded standard to other peels I had used before.

I squeezed the gel out onto my fingers and immediately noticed the strong glue like scent. It was horrible, a mix of cucumbers, cantaloupe and a high aroma of Elmer’s. I went ahead with it though, I figured if it smelled like glue, it would stick like glue and peel those nasties off of my face.

A few minutes went by and I could feel the gel beginning to tighten to my face. I was still able to see that the areas I had applied more gel though were still relatively wet.

Overall it took about a half hour for the gel to fully dry.

Once Dry:

I began to peel the masque from my face, and I wanted to scream. It was stuck, and stuck good. Every little area of facial fuzz was ripped from the roots. I didn’t apply to my eye area, but the gel was close enough as to where it felt like my skin was being ripped right from my face.

The result was a red blotchy face, that stung.

I can note though that it rid my face of every hint of dry skin. The masque also leaves skin feeling soft; as promised.


Freeman Facial Masque Cucumber Melon  amp; Ginseng does work when it comes to removing dry skin from your face. I’m sure it peeled up any impurities there as well. However it is very, very painful when you allow the masque to fully dry. It also smells terrible. I do not recommend it to those with sensitive skin. My skin isn’t sensitive and it hurt like a son of a gun.

I’d give Freeman Facial Masque Cucumber Melon  amp; Ginseng 3 stars out of 5, only because of the discomfort, and the glue scent. The reviews of the product should be checked before using the botox under nose to lift lip and look beautiful. It will eliminate the need of surgery for reducing the expenses of the person.