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Most people don’t understand the difference between permanent and term life insurance. Term life insurance is playing a role in the fund-raising of Primerica that is a subsidiary of Citi. It is interesting to me to see “term life insurance” in any phrase that includes raising money.

The periodical “Seeking Alpha” has posted an article titled “Citi’s Life Insurance Unit Primerica Files for IPO.” The original offering is targeted at $100 million but as the reference article suggests, it will probably be higher because of the sales ($2 billion) sold over the last 12 months.

The company was founded in 1977 as A.L. Williams.

A.L. Williams has a running feud ongoing with past agents due to a disagreement about training and training fees.

I was  life insurance agent back in the 1970s.

First, the difference between term and permanent life insurance is that term simply provides a death benefit. Permanent life insurance on the other hand creates a cash value buildup.

In those days the most popular permanent was called “whole life” so named because it was designed to be in force to age 100-years-old.

The idea is that the “term element” of the product stays in force long enough for the insured to create cash for burial costs.

Term life insurance on the other hand is designed to cover a person for a specific period of time. It may be until retirement, paying off a mortgage or other debt.

A.L. Williams’ agents were sellers of term coverage. Most of us with other firms were taught to sell permanent life insurance.

The standard way of “prospecting” or finding customers, was to ask people you had sold to “refer” you to friends and family. You had to be careful because you could not give money or “rebate.” It was against state law.

A.L. Williams were incredibly courageous. They might start in an office building and go door-to-door.

Over time the life insurance agent has gone by the wayside. It was too expensive for life insurance companies to market through an agency force and things came up like lawsuits.

Marketing was handled by direct mail.

It is good to see some re-occurrence of the term life agent. Not only does it create work, it gives much needed direction to consumers about a sophisticated product. You should also be aware of the difference between a term insurance and a life insurace so that you can choose what out there is best suited for you.

Life is uncertain but death is. No one will ever know what the future will bring. Financial planning is essential to get through. This is especially important if you have dependents. So, while young and healthy invest in a life insurance.

To get a life insurance is easy. You just need to speak with an expert and let them lay out the policy. It is a good investment for the future. Life insurance is also a means of protecting your dependent’s financial future.

You may wonder why you need to get a life insurance policy. Here are 5 reason why life insurance is a must for most of us.

·        Life Insurance Helps in Planning for Retirement

Planning for your retirement is serious. Investing in life insurance is one way for you to enjoy your retirement days. If you invest early on life insurance, you will have more cash pay-outs that you can use when you retire.

There are insurance policies that have retirement plans that you can benefit from. Some of these are tailored-fit t make sure that the coverage is wide. Seek some insurance expert’s advice on which way to go.

·        Financial Safety Net

If you have dependents, the one thing to protect them from financial woes in the future is to get a good life insurance policy. Getting a life insurance will keep them financially safe when you are gone. The pay-out from your life insurance will help your dependents get through life. Again, start investing early.

·        Long-term Investment

A life insurance is an investment for your future dreams. You may be dreaming of getting a house for your family. If you invest on a life insurance policy, you can use the accumulated cash amount to purchase your dream house in the future.

·        Life Insurance as Savings

Consider a life insurance policy as your personal savings. Maybe when someone presents to you a life insurance policy, you might as yourself, should I get life insurance? The answer is always yes. Start young and save more with your investment to a life insurance.

There are insurance policies that will allow you to borrow some money at any pint in time that you need it. You also save money for your family’s future. It is always a win-win if you invest in a good insurance policy.

·        It Gives You Peace of Mind

Once you invest in a life insurance policy, you know that your family is safe. Your family’s financial needs will be covered by the insurance policy that you invest in. This is reason enough to give you complete peace of mind.

Things in life are uncertain. Do not let yourself worry too much when the time comes. Always remember to invest early while you are young and healthy. Aside from gaining more savings, you will get a cheaper deal from insurers.

Final Word

A life insurance policy is a must. When you have a family to care for, might as well invest in one. Choose a policy that has a wide coverage. You can even include health insurance coverages in your policy.

It is better to be prepared than panic in the end. Life insurance will always give you the peace of mind knowing that your family’s financial situation will be cared for.

Deaths are inevitable, and everyone tends to think about the end. Assuming that we will leave everyone behind is the second thought that comes in mind, but the first one is thinking about the dependents. One member of the family is always there on which other members are dependent partially or fully for their needs. This is the phase when life insurance gets into play. Life insurance is a great way to take care of your dependents, even in your absence. It is unpleasant to think about all this, but it is essential to consider. Life insurance is a kind of agreement where the insurance company agrees to pay a specified amount after the death of a person who had done the insurance. The life insurance policies give assurance to the insured person that they will provide financial protection to their family.

There is a wide variety of life insurance that you can choose according to your financial condition and needs. It is better to invest in life insurance that offers the best benefits at the lowest cost. Many people are confused about life assurance vs life insurance, and the fundamental difference between them is that life assurance provides you coverage for your whole life. In contrast, life insurance offers you coverage for a limited period. Life insurance is usually bought to provide benefits to your family after you die, but there are some cases in which you can get benefitted from the insurance policy while you are alive.

Cases in which you are allowed to avail the benefits of life insurance while you are alive

Long term illness

Long term severe illnesses, better known as chronic diseases or terminal illness, is a condition in which the policyholder is allowed to avail of the benefits of the life insurance policy while he is alive. But before allowing you to avail of the death benefits being alive, the insurance company first ensures that you are suffering from real illness. You must get the illness or disease certified from the doctors who will confirm that the policyholder is suffering from a chronic disease, and he is unable to do minimum two of the regular day-to-day activities such as eating, bathing without any additional support.

Terminal illness

It is such an illness in which the person is expected to die after a certain period. In such a situation, a doctor ensures after a medical examination that the insured person will be dead within the next two years.

Tapping into the cash value of the policy

There are two significant types of insurance policies; term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance is the best option for people who cannot afford to buy expensive insurance policies as it is quite affordable but only offer a claim if the insured dies while the policy is active. Permanent life is more costly but offers many more benefits, such as investment aspects, cash value, etc. Permanent life insurance allows you to build a good cash value of your policy, which you can withdraw anytime and use it for any purpose.

Sell the policy

It is another way to get profits from your life insurance policy while you are alive. You can sell your insurance policy and get a payment worth in return. The payment may be made in a lump sum amount or can also be offered in small regular payments. There are various investors who are willing to purchase your insurance policy at a higher amount than its cash value, but you will get a lower amount than the real value of your policy.

As brands recognize the importance of instituting social monitoring for negative feedback, they should keep in mind that focusing only on the negative will bring limited returns. Instead, embrace the opportunity to take information and apply it to broader strategy.

Ok, let’s talk about a slight perception shift here about what you think of that call and response, and what you’ve probably been told about why your brand needs social media monitoring.

Social monitoring is crucial for reputation management but goes much further than that in its functionality and opportunity. Article after article touts the purpose of monitoring as a means specific to responding to negative commentary about a brand on social media. In essence, it’s a mini-crisis communications device. Brands need to consider that outside of their own platforms, conversations and mentions that are happening can lead to trending insights and inform new messaging directions.

A recent eMarketer article discussed how “monitoring tools help companies track and follow up on what consumers are saying on social”, yet it overwhelmingly focused on how monitoring can be used for identifying and responding to negative consumer sentiment. Not to discount the important aspect of monitoring, the article noted:

In February, American Express found that 46% of US internet users it surveyed had turned to companies’ social media sites to vent their frustrations about poor experiences.

Knowing what is being said about your brand and the marketplace you inhabit is critical not just for knowing the negative, but also for message development, ongoing feedback, and prospect targeting.

When you really dig into monitoring content and conversations around your brand all across the web, you can tap into a new kind of data resource; your customers’ direct thoughts and opinions. With the right tools, it’s possible to capture and analyze data from websites and social media channels to monitor your brand, identify key communities/influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research for the strategic formulation, and identify trends and conversational topics.

No doubt, the thought of covering every inch of where these conversations could happen is quite daunting. As the press for a time becomes an increasing factor in managing and monitoring brand accounts and pages on numerous social networks, it can be hard to keep up. Also, along with having monitoring simply set up and evaluated, it only makes sense to have a plan of how you will respond to feedback, take advantage of rising trends, and incorporate opportunities into existing plans.

The eMarketer article noted, “according to Satmetrix, only 49% of companies it surveyed worldwide in January 2012 tracked and followed up on customer feedback on social media, while 28% did neither”. If only half of the companies currently even track and follow up on feedback, I’d be shocked to know how many take advantage of steps beyond that.

When we work with clients to set up monitoring, evaluation and response system, one of the other things that we stress is looking beyond the tools themselves. Even with a determination of sentiment and influence level, responding to a negative or positive conversation should involve the input of a communications professional that understands the overarching messaging goals of your brand. Nothing can take the place of a personalized response, or the talent to effectively navigate the data being delivered from a monitoring tool.

What it comes down to is that as brands recognize the importance of instituting social monitoring for negative feedback, they should likewise embrace the opportunity to take the information they find and apply it to their broader strategy. Focusing only on the negative will bring limited returns. Take a holistic approach and reward your program in an integrated way that touches upon forward-thinking planning in addition to immediate responsiveness.

According to a recent study from research firm Focus B2B Marketers and B2C Marketers have many different priorities but they agree wholeheartedly on one thing.

B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing… two very distinctly different forms of marketing for sure. B2C is more product driven whereas B2B is centered more on relationships. There are of course many more differentiators but you get the idea…

As you’ll see from the chart below, B2B Marketers put more emphasis and importance on acquiring leads than their B2B Marketing counterparts. Conversely, the B2C Marketers place a higher value on understanding their audience.

But when it comes to building the all-important brand awareness… well, there they are in complete agreement.

It was a little disconcerting to see the B2B Marketers not placing as high a value on understanding their audience as their B2C brethren. I would not-so-gently remind them that Even Though It’s Called B2B, There’s Still A “C” On The Other End – a post I wrote back in May that should be must reading for ALL B2B Marketers IMHO.

In terms of what’s most important in supporting their marketing objectives, both B2B and B2C marketers both agree that content is king but they differ on what kind of content is the key with the one major difference being in the use of White Papers where B2B Marketers place a significantly higher value than do their B2C counterparts.

Are you a B2B Marketer or B2C Marketer?

If so, what are your thoughts on all this?

Do you agree?


Would you place a higher/lesser value on anything than what is highlighted in these charts?

The last few decades have seen a vast expansion in the leasing business. A large variety of debt related products have been introduced and the customers can select these as per their choice. However, these loans carry a varying rate of interest which makes it difficult to clear these loans.

You have to get the assistance of a professional for solving your financial matters and Snap-on Credit Corporation remains a top choice in this aspect.

Snap-on Credit Corporation

This is a versatile, national company with its branches all across the USA. The company handles all kinds of debt related issues and their team of experts is always there to help you settle your outstanding debts. The company is proud of its excellent history and exceptional customer care services.

Services Offered By Snap-on Credit Corporation

The Snap-on Credit Corporation deals in all kind of loans. A few of the salient products of the company are discussed below:-

1. Credit Cards

Credit cards are the gateway to shopping freedom and are a great source of convenience but they are accompanied by a heavy rate of interest. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to pay back the loans and the interest keeps on increasing. At times it surpasses the original loan amount too. The Snap-on Credit Corporation helps you manage your credit card loans without paying any penalties. The company offers necessary counseling and offers the features of debt negotiations for the clients.

2. Collection Agencies

The leasing companies often seek the help of collection agencies to get dues from the clients. This may become a source of irritation for the clients due to the indifferent attitude of such collection companies.

Snap-on Credit Corporation provides necessary guidance to manage the collector calls. It also educates you on handling them in a smart manner.

3. Medical Bills

Medical treatment has become expensive and people have to get loans to clear the bills or apply for medical insurance. Snap-on Credit Corporation also deals with the hospital bills and assist them in settling these with minimum trouble.

4. Dental Expenditure

Dental treatment may become a cause of obtaining a high-interest loan which is difficult to settle. The Snap-on Credit Corporation provides its expert services in settlement of such kinds of outstanding bills. The company gets into negotiations with the lending and credit companies to lower the rate of interest.

Company Contact
The company can be contacted at the following address:-

1125 Tri-State Parkway, # 700
Gurnee, IL 60031

Phone: 1-847-855-2962

Debt Negotiation Organizations

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On February 20, 2019

Debt Negotiation is a wise solution to every debtor`s financial crisis. When things go bad, it is obvious that consumers will need help from professionals. Debt Negotiation companies allow debtors to lower their debt about by as much as fifty percent to eighty percent. A representative from the Debt Negotiation Company usually debates with creditors on this regard.

The new decided balance is then to be paid in full according to an agreement to the creditor.

Debt Negotiation by Debtor & Creditors

Debt Negotiation may be done by the creditor as well. This is done when a debtor is unable to make monthly installments for as long as one year. The creditor, instead of losing all of his/her money will propose to settle for something less. Debt Negotiation is the last choice for debtors before official filing for bankruptcy is done. Those debtors who qualify for bankruptcy will also qualify for Debt Negotiation, thus this option must be considered.

Debt Negotiation for Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are those loans against which no collateral has been promised to the creditor. Consumers who qualify for bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation Service are those who have a load of unsecured loans. Such consumers are not able to repay their debt on time and thus, they have to face financial difficulties even more.

When to take Debt Negotiation?

A mortgage loan is such, in which the consumer has pledged his personal property against making timely repayments.

In all cases, it is evident that consumers have stopped making monthly repayments and thus, interest on their loan is increasing the total amount of debt. In such a scenario, Debt Negotiation is a nice option.

How to Qualify for Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation

Candidates who qualify for bankruptcy are those which do not have any source of income. As the source of income and income itself in zero, thus they are eligible for filing bankruptcy. These debtors may proceed for Debt Negotiation which is a much better option to go with. Debtors will have to pay less then what they owe after a negotiation takes place.

How to Apply for Debt Negotiation?

In Debt Negotiation, the debtor is going to write in full the amount of balance which is due. The creditor will reduce the total amount and settle for something less than nothing at all. The repayment is to be done in a lump sum or according to a monthly installment plan. When repayments are complete, the creditor releases the debtor from any further charges of the loan. Harassment and threat calls from creditors stop as well.

Working With a Debt Negotiation Company

Debt Negotiation Companies are vital when the debtor is not able to convince the creditor for loan reduction. Such a company may represent individuals in a better manner. Some Debt Negotiation Companies charge the debtors for their services. It is important that consumers choose the Debt Negotiation Company wisely and be determined for achieving the best results.

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Review of DebtSettlementServices.com

On February 19, 2019

It is a complicated matter to get one’s debts settled in time. Gaining the help of an expert is very useful to pay back your debts timely. DebtSettlementServices.com is one such company that assists its client in becoming debt free. The company provides debt services like debt consolidation, debt consultancy and debt management for its clients.


It is relatively a new company but has competent and experienced people working in it. This Los Angeles based company has great customer care services. They have resolved the debt of their customers in a relatively lesser amount of time than many other companies. They can help their customers save thousands of dollars by negotiating with their customer’s creditors or loan lenders. They offer debt relief services along with their debt counseling offerings. They also have staff members who are designated to counsel their customers to remain debt free after the resolution of their current debts.

Debt Settlement Plan

Debt Settlement Plan offered by the DebtSettlementServices.com is highly professional and is focused on keeping their clients happy, by negotiating with the lender or creditor to lower down the debt amount. Emphasis is made on reducing the interest rates by negotiating skillfully with the creditors. The debt return is usually consolidated in one monthly payment that is easy and affordable for the customers.

Most of the times, the debt monthly installment is about 45 – 65 % lower than what their customers usually pay. The reduction depends on the amount of debt and the negotiation with the client’s creditor.

Time Frame

The Plan usually takes about 12 – 36 months depending upon the total debt and the financial condition or position of the client.

How does the Debt Settlement work?

  1. After the client contacts, a representative from the company gets in touch immediately and get all sorts of information regarding the debt and the customer’s financial condition.
  2. This information is then forwarded to the company’s financial advisors who recommend a suitable plan for the client.
  3. After a plan has been decided for the client, the creditor information is given to the Negotiating officers who contact the creditor and start the negotiation process.
  4. Negotiation is done to reduce the interest rates and to lower down the debt about to as much as 60%.
  5. The debt return is consolidated into one easy monthly payment that is affordable and reasonable.
  6. Each month, the client deposits the payment into an account that has two parties, one the client and the other is Debt Settlement Services. Through debt settlement services, the payment is forwarded to the creditor with notifications of the transaction to the client as well as to the creditor. This ensures transparency, and strengthens the trust between the client and the company; the creditor also keeps a record of all the transactions.

Advantages For The Clients

The DebtSettlementServices.com benefits its clients in numerous ways. Few of the advantages are:-

1. To lower the debt amount by 45 to 65% depending on the debt amount.

2. To help the clients to get rid of the skyrocketing interest rates.

3. To make the life of the customers easy, by consolidating the debt payment into one easy payment, instead of several payments a month.

Contact DebtSettlementServices.com
1726 Stoner Ave, Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: 1-310-442-9605

Fax: 1-310-545-7075

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Debt Settlement By The Debt Agency

On February 19, 2019

A large number of companies have joined the business of debt settlement. These companies assist their clients in getting their loans settled with minimum payments. These companies also offer to get the loans consolidated and negotiate for the right of their clients. One of the most experienced and credible organizations in this field are the Debt Agency.

The Debt Agency

The Debt Agency is helping its clients for the last 11 years. The company has a vast experience of settling all kinds of loans. The company is reputed to have one of the best customer care service and it has the services of the best legal experts. The company also enjoys the trust of other lending companies and this fact allows it to help the clients in a maximum number of ways.

Characteristics Of The Debt Agency

The company has the following salient characteristics that make it the best choice amongst the clients:-

The backing up by eleven years experience in the field of loan adjustment and management.
The friendly agents that facilitate the clients in all possible manners. These agents get in touch with you on the first call and offer you the best possible advice.

The agents have the vast experience of debt settlement and they can also assist the customers in other related fields as well.
Advantages Of Dealing With The Debt Agency
The Debt Agency is one of the leading companies in the debt settlement business. A few of the advantages of doing business with The Debt Agency are:-

1. The company allows you to get rid of your loan within one to three years with minimum hassle.

2. There is zero percent interest in the services provided by the Debt Agency.

3. The company helps you save about 25 to 70 % on your balance loan in terms of the interest and late payment charges.

4. The services offered by The Debt Agency are strictly confidential. These services do not appear on the credit report of the clients and this makes this company truly special.

5. The company does not charge any extra amounts for their services and the payments are adjusted in your monthly installment package.

Contact Company

The company can be contacted at following address:-

1820 E Ray Road,
Chandler, AZ 85225

The email of the company is customerservice@thedebtagency.com

Phone Number to get in touch with the company is 877-744-6364

The growing financial needs of mankind have given a boost to the leasing business. The financing companies offer a variety of loans for various domestic needs. These loans come with a competitive interest and this interest starts piling up in case of payment delays. One needs expert advice to become debt free in minimum possible time.

Strategic Debt Solutions is one such company that offers solutions for various debt related issues of their clients

Strategic Debt Solutions

It is a Columbia based company and is in debt settlement business for the last ten years. During this period, it has helped thousands of clients. It is a nonprofit organization that also performs the services of Internal Revenue Service. The company operates under article 501 (C) (3) of American law. The company provides a variety of services ranging from debt management to debt consolidation and debt settlement.

Services Offered By Strategic Debt Solutions

The company started as a debt management organization but it gradually expanded its business to include a wide range of services. Few of the significant services are as follows:-

1. Debt Consultation

The company provides necessary counseling to its clients for managing their debts.

The experts are available round the clock for the guidance of clients and provide valuable advice to save on their debt.

2. Credit Card Debt

Like most debt companies, the Strategic Debt Solutions provides counseling for management of credit card debts. It addresses the issues of credit card limits and interest rates of these cards.

3. Debt Settlement

The most significant feature of Strategic Debt Solutions remains its debt settlement services. The company gets the details of all the outstanding debts of the clients and takes on the responsibility to settle them in minimum possible time.

4. No Credit Limit

Most of the companies lay down a credit limit for their services. If a client has a lesser loan than this limit, his case is not taken up by the company. But, Strategic Debt Solutions does not have any specified credit limit. Irrespective of the remaining balance, the company is willing to help the clients.

Company Contact
Strategic Debt Solutions can be contacted on the following address:-

9250 Rumsey Road, Suite 101
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: 1-877-737-2003
Fax: 1-877-737-2005
Email: WeCare@yourSDS.com

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