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Single Dashboard Management And Analysis Of Social Media Marketing


Have you just started a profile on some of the social networks and need a quick tutorial on how to manage your account? Alternatively, maybe you are just trying to manage your social media marketing activities the best you can.

Are you seeking for a tool with which you can follow the performance metrics from different accounts in one place?

This article is just the right one for you! Below you will find out how to organize and analyze social media marketing activities using Cyfe, throughout few networks and content channels.

Using social media dashboard makes your life easier!

Why? Just because it is an analytics tool, which merges with several different social platforms and you can monitor the metrics from all your accounts in one convenient interface.

The dashboard will save you time since you won’t need to go from one social media network to another just to remind yourself of what was your latest post. Comparing posted data on different social networks will be easier as well. Some dashboards will even enable you to do other marketing activities.

Step 1:

  • Put in all your social media accounts to the Cyfe dashboard
  • What is Cyfe? It is a dashboard tool that helps you monitor the analytics on many social networks, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and another bunch of them! And not only monitor, but perform other tasks too!
  • On the picture below you can see how Cyfe dashboard allows you to monitor Facebook and Twitter data on a single screen.
  • A Cyfe account is free for limited number of dashboards and widgets. You can purchase a premium account for $19 per month/per user, if you want to add more dashboards and widgets and use other advanced features.
  • You can get your free Cyfe account by visiting the Cyfe homepage and put in the account details.
  • If you want to set up an account, you can start by clicking the link in the confirmation email and then create your social media dashboard. When you log in, your first dashboard will be created automatically. All other social media accounts can be added to this dashboard afterwards.

Add-ons to your dashboard

Click on the button “Add widget” on the top of the dashboard and add a widget.

Click “Social media” as shown on the picture below and after this, click the “Add” button, choosing the social network that the widget is intended for.

The next step is clicking on “Configure” to connect with the account that you want to monitor.

Put in the username of the account you want to monitor (may be an account of the competition J) and the metrics in the configure widget window. A metric can be general or specific, such as: overview or followers/tweets, accordingly.

Example: Choosing “Followers” for the Facebook widget, the graph will show the growth of followers and percentage followers increase too. If you want to track different Facebook metrics, click the configure widget icon and choose a different metric. You can even create a widget to monitor the metric.

If you want to see the metrics for different social media accounts fast and also see if you are completing your goals for social media marketing, set up several widgets for the several accounts.

Creating more dashboards

Organize your widgets easier by creating additional dashboards. Creating a dashboard is possible for each social network of each client, or various kinds of business tools. Cyfe merges with different platforms for: ads, website analysis, email marketing etc.

Click the icon “+” at the top to create more dashboards.

Name the dashboard and start working on it by clicking on “Add dashboard”.

Step 2:

  • Mix information from a couple of sources with the mashup add-on
  • The Cyfe dashboard has a mashup add-on which will provide you with information from a couple of social networks or one social network and a different marketing tool, just for comparison.
  • If you want to create a mashup, click “Add widget” and a new window will open. Click “Featured tab” and then “Add” (right next to the Mashup button).
  • New window will open and then click “Configure” to choose the metrics that you would like to integrate.
  • Save the widget and you can start finding relations between the information for different social networks.

Example: Ask people to follow you on Twitter in your YouTube video.

Mash-up the information for YouTube views and Twitter follows to monitor if the views are becoming followers. Based on the connection between these two, you can decide what to do next: maybe this won’t be as effective as you thought, so you can ask people to follow your other social network accounts. The bottom line is that you can monitor the benefit form the calls to action with a new mashup add-on.

Step 3:

  • Put your posts on a timetable with publisher widget
  • Cyfe publisher allows you to put posts on a timetable on some social networks.
  • Click the icon “Add widget” to set up the publisher widget. After this, open “Social Media” and click “Add”.
  • Click “Configure” and add accounts on which you want to put up posts on a timetable.
  • After adding different social network accounts, begin with putting updates with the publisher widget.
  • This feature is handy in a way that you can reply to discussions directly from where the tracking is conducted.

Step 4:

  • Creating goals and alerts
  • In Cyfe, you can create goals and alerts too.
  • Creating alerts
  • When you create alerts, Cyfe informs you through email or a text when something is completed.
  • Example: You will get SMS or email each time when one of your Instagram posts achieves 1000 organic impressions.

Click the bell button (as shown below) in the upper-right corner.

cheap instagram followers might be easy to buy and it might seem to be advantageous. But there is a major drawback of buying cheap followers as many of them might not be original account. When the window Widget alerts opens, set up the conditions under which you would like to be alerted. You can configure the widget to alert you when the organic impressions reach 1000 or more. After this, you will need to put in a telephone number or email where you will receive the alerts, and then choose “Create Alert”.

After setting this up, Cyfe will alert you each time when the organic impressions reach 1000. With this, you will be able to monitor comments more frequently or promote a post with more ads.

Creating goals

  • This means, setting goals on the widgets with the aim to easily visualize what you to accomplish with social media marketing.
  • If you want to set goals, first click on the flag icon and then put in all you widget goals.
  • As you can see in the picture below, your goals can be set for tweets, followers, favorites and other.
  • So, what was today’s lesson?
  • You need to monitor and analyze your metrics if you want to know that you are doing well in your social media marketing campaign.
  • The easiest way to do this is to use a social media dashboard that will give you the comfort of watching all metrics in one place and compare them as well.
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