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The Best Vitamins For The Health Of Your Ears


Are you worried about the well being of your ear and hearing and wants to know the best vitamins to improve it? We got you covered. Vitamins are already proven and tested in the pursuit of a healthy body. From your heart, eyes, liver, and immune system, there are vitamins that can help those. It’s no wonder there are also vitamins for the well being of your ear. If you did not think of using vitamins to improve your hearing before, be sure to read this article to be informed about this subject.

In this article, we will discuss the vitamins that act as a hearing supplement that enhances your ear health. Without further ado, let’s start:

Vitamins to take against hearing problems caused by loud noise and aging

Experts have recently found out the vitamins to take into consideration if you want to deal with hearing problems that are caused by loud noise and natural aging. If the loss of hearing that you are suffering from is linked to obnoxious noise, you should try vitamins A, E, and C in addition to magnesium. Hearing problems caused by loud noise can be induced by a single event, or from extensive contact with noisy surroundings. On the other hand, in case the loss of hearing is just a consequence of getting older, taking folic acid might help.

Research suggests Vitamins A, C and E consumed with magnesium

A research conducted by experts at the University of Michigan has discovered that the mixture of vitamins A, C, E, with magnesium helps in avoiding hearing problems caused by noise. This combination of vitamins prevents the development of free radicals. We usually relate free radicals to conditions like cancer, however free radicals are also a known cause of hearing problems. Researchers have noted that vitamins A, C, and E function very well when taken with magnesium, preventing the creation of free radicals if you are exposed to loud sounds.

The mixture of the three vitamins and magnesium prevented a remarkable 80 % of hearing problems caused by loud noises. However, vitamin A, C, and E together with magnesium are not as effective when taken alone. Of course, they will still help with hearing loss, but their greatest effect can be observed when taken together.

How loud noise worsen your hearing

In the event that your ear becomes exposed to excessive sounds, the cells within your ear might produce free radicals. If the free radicals come close to the hair cells of your ear, those cells are going to be destroyed, which degrades your ability to hear. Hair cells cannot grow back again after they are destroyed, which makes your hearing permanently worse. At the same time, free radicals limit the blood flow towards the ear, which makes your hearing worse.

Free radicals will continue to build up in your ear even after days of exposure to loud noise. Because of this, experts suggest that people take the vitamins up to 3 days after being exposed to loud noise.

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