What Is The Purpose Of Using CBD Oil On Pets?

What is CBD oil? 

CBD is also known as cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy that is used for treating common ailments. It is made from extracting the CBD compound from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. The CBD compound is then diluted with some carrier oil like hemp or coconut oil. CBD oil is known to treat anxiety, dystonia, epilepsy, depression, chronic diseases, and more. 

The oil is also used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. CBD is said to affect the brain directly, which is the main reason why it has so many benefits. Observer and researcher from various institutes are still not able to utilize the properties of CBD oil to their full potential, some questions are still not answered. 

General usage of CBD oil

  • CBD oil is used for removing pain and stress. Studies have shown that CBD is more effective in reducing pain than THC. 
  • It impacts the endocannabinoid reactor activity which makes it possible to reduce inflammation and nerve pain. 
  • Anxiety and depression can be easily handled with the help of CBD oil 
  • The side effects and symptoms related to cancer treatments such as nausea, pain, vomiting, and more can be reduced with the help of CBD oil 
  • Acne treatment can be done using the inflammation property, as CBD oil also contains the properties of hemp oil, and hemp oil has a high amount of healthy fatty acids, nutrients, and amino acids. 
  • Neurological disorders can be treated as CBD oil can act on brain signaling systems. 
  • CBD may help in controlling the high blood pressure as per the researchers and observers. CBD lowers the blood pressure level significantly and reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Observer and researcher from various hospital suggests that CBD might prove to help reduce psychotic symptoms and help people with a mental disorder
  • It can be used to control the drug addiction of an individual by modifying the brain circuits 
  • Because of the anti-tumor effect, CBD might be used for preventing the spread of cancers like breast, brain, colon, lung, and prostate. 

What are the side effects of CBD? 

CBD should be taken by mouth or by spraying it under the tongue. CBD can cause side-effects such as diarrhea, drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, and reduced appetite. There are signs of liver injuries in some patients, but it is less common. CBD interacts with other medications too which might create health problems. 

Though it is known that CBD oil has many benefits associated with it but before using it we must consult the doctor first, for ensuring proper safety. Most people have read the benefits but only a few know that the CBD interferes with the cytochromes, enzymes which are important for drug metabolism. Studies show that CBD has the potential to cause liver toxicity. 

Are CBD compounds responsible for getting the sensation of high? 

THC is the main psychoactive compound responsible for intoxication, but the CBD is not psychoactive like THC. CBD has many health benefits that are observed and implemented by scientists all over the world. 

Is using CBD oils daily a safe option? 

Yes, using CBD oil daily is safe as long as the dosage and precautions are taken properly. CBD oil has multiple benefits, and that’s what motivates people to use it more often. For better results, CBD oil should be used daily. It is recommended to not overdose on CBD as it might become the root cause of future health hazards. 

Can we refrigerate CBD oil? 

Yes, we can keep the CBD oil in the refrigerator. Keeping the oil inside the refrigerator guarantees longer shelf life of the oil, as the excess of light, heat, and air can decrease its effectiveness and life. 

Usage of CBD oil on pets

CBD oil is used for treating anxiety, sleep issues, depression, chronic pain, and more in both humans as well as pets. The oils are generally given by mixing them with food or treats such as bacon, beef, or others. The other way is to feed them with a dropper. 

There are special oils that are designed for dogs, the regular products contain high concentration which may be bad for pets. CBD oil is also effective in improving the dog’s coat and skin. It can also be used to treat itchy skin, by rubbing the oil on to the skin. 

Is CBD oil safe for usage on pets? 

It’s safe to give CBD oils to pets, but there is always a chance of little side effects. These side effects might be just because of the high dosage of the oil. Vets suggest the usage of CBD oil for pets as it helps them keep calm and prevents them from various pains and potential threats such as inflammation, neuropathic pain, and more.