Tips for Making the Most of Your E-Commerce Site


Have a well thought out and designed e-commerce site is critical to the success of an e-commerce site. You want customers to be able to easily find what they want on your site, enjoy the visual experience, and be able to get what they want and buy it easily without any hassle. The easier and more pleasurable the experience you can give to your customers the more likely they will buy from you and come back as repeat customers. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out my previous blog posts for more tips on making a beautiful e-commerce site that is successful. Below are some helpful hints to make your e-commerce site profitable.

  1. Use high quality pictures

When you design your site you will want to have beautiful, high quality pictures of your products that are for sale. It should be easy for the customer to see the product and to see the detail. Customers will typically quickly scroll through a site and the images will be the first thing to catch their attention. Make sure that not only is the picture of the product clear and high quality but that the design of the text adds to the image, as well as having a well designed background behind the picture of the product.

  1. Theme

When you design your e-commerce site you will want to make sure that the overall theme and design matches your business. If you sell organic products you might want a site highlighting green themes, and bright green colors, perhaps with plants or the sun, you wouldn’t want a techy style theme with strong lines and silver and gray tones. That type of theme would fit if you had a store that sold tech products. So you can see the theme of your site should fit the products you sell.


  1. User generated content

Customers like to hear about the experiences other customers have on your site and how they liked your products. Having an option for customers to leave reviews can be very powerful. Having a rating system with the ability to comment as well will add to the trust factor customers will have about your site and products. This can be really helpful for your customers. For example, if you sell shirts, your customers might leave reviews about the sizing and quality. This will give future customers more information about your product and help them make an informed decision.

  1. Detailed Product information

As previously mentioned you want to have good quality pictures of your products. You can’t stop there though, you need to have a detailed description of your product and why your customer should by it.

  1. Have a design that is easy to read on all devices

Customers will use mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktop computers to shop. Your site should be easy to use on all platforms and devices. Many people use their smartphones to shop online, so you don’t want to lose out on those customers.


  1. Zoom feature

Those quality images you display on your site should also have a zoom feature that will allow the customer to really see all the little details of the product they want to purchase.

  1. Clear costs

Make sure that your customers can easily see what they are going to pay for their product. They should be able to get a simple quick estimate of the shipping costs. You don’t want any hidden fees, this can quickly turn a customer away who was ready to make a purchase.

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Tips on Making Your E-Commerce Site Successful

Having an E-commerce site is a great way to attract more customers.  In order to have a successful E-Commerce site you will need to carefully set it up so that you can attract and retain your customers.  You have the ability to attract customers from all over the world online, making your products reach that much farther.  It is essential that you have a competitive site that is easy to maneuver to have the most success. Customers have a lot of choices and you want them to choose your site over your competitors.  The key to this is a good customer experience which is promoted by making your site easy to navigate, purchase and get help when needed.  Below are some tips to make your E-Commerce site successful.


  1. Have good support for your customers

Depending on the size of your site you will have to figure out what you can afford for support.  It is essential that customers can call someone or chat with someone if they have a question.  This should be easy for them to do.  Ideally you should have the option for 24 hour support.  Customers are able to shop 24 hours a day, so they should be able to get their questions answered easily.  You should advertise your support site prominently on your page.  Your customers should not have to search for your support number or chat option.  You should make every effort for customers to get a response quickly from your support personnel.

  1. Have a prominent trust mark on your site

Customers want to know that your site is safe and that it is legitimate. You can get accreditation from various sites such as Better Business Bureau, McAfee, Verisign and more.  Displaying these logos let’s your customers know that you are a legitimate business and that you will keep their information and money safe.

  1. Have a clean design and layout

You want to make sure the layout of your e-commerce site is clean and organized.  You don’t want a chaotic site that is hard to find what you are looking for.  It should be nice and easy to look at.  Take your time with the design and if you can hire a designer to help you make the most of the site you have.


  1. Store Finder

If you have local or regional brick and mortar stores, make sure there is an easy store finder option for customers to put in their location so that they can easily visit the store if they desire to.

  1. Load Speed

Make sure your site has a quick load speed.  You don’t want a site that is sluggish and takes a while to load.  Customers will just move on to another site to shop.  They don’t have time to wait around for a site or page to load.


  1. Receipts and proof of transaction

Once a customer has made a purchase they should quickly see a confirmation of their sale, with the shipping address. There should be a link for them to quickly and easily contact your company if they have a question. They should also receive an emailed receipt with this information immediately.The email and confirmation should give a shipping estimate if possible.  Once shipped you want to have an email generated letting the customer know the item is on its way and the tracking information of the shipment if it’s available.

Make sure to check out my previous posts which have more tips on creating your e-commerce site. Keep an eye out for future posts on choosing the right platform for your e-commerce site, agencies to help you and ideas on what should be on your e-commerce site.

10 Preferred Media/Web Agencies In UK


Almost every company nowadays in United Kingdom or any other part of the world is going for digital marketing. The reason behind this phenomenon is that, there are a huge number of people who are active users of internet.

Of course to capture this market of customers, one needs online presence and togain online presence one has to apply digital marketing strategies. However, digital marketing is a specialized field and not everyone can do it. The entity which specializes in the art of digital marketing is called a Web Agency and such web agencies can be found in abundance as far as the developed region of United Kingdom is concerned.

Web Agencies across UK:

A thing to cheer about is that there are many web Agencies in UK and one can surely avail their services. In this article we will look into some of the best web Agencies which have their presence in UK. Though the number of such agencies can be many, however keeping into consideration the length of this article we have filtered out the six best agencies. The names and brief description of such agencies can be read in the proceeding paragraphs.


  1. Pollen: Pollen is well reputed Web Agency and it has its main office in London. The company also has presence in other cities of the world such as Barcelona and Montpellier. The working pattern of the agency is very innovative and hence it is one of the most preferred companies in United Kingdom.
  2. Second Cousins: The popularity of Second Cousins is also very high as far as United Kingdom is concerned. The company specializes in technical fields like design, video and art. The company is very innovative and consists of a team of professional individuals.
  3. KD Web Design:it is another web agency which has its origin in United Kingdom. The main specialty of the company is its web designing and search engine optimization.
  4. Web Choice UK: Located in the south west of London, Web Choice UK is a professional web agency specializing in web designing, Search engine optimization, Digital planning and search engine marketing.


5. Beyond Design UK Limited: Consisting of a professional team, Beyond Design UK is located in                  the city of London and is catering a fair number of customers at the moment. The expertise of the              company rests in Web designing, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

6. Mercy: it is a web agency which predominantly specializes in brand, designing and art.                                  Continuous innovation and a team of professional individuals have made the company famous all              over United Kingdom.

The need for web agency will always be their whether it be an established company or a new entrant in the business market, in this highly globalized world the importance of online marketing and digital presence cannot be negated at all. If a company is not taking its online presence seriously then in the long run such a company can suffer big time.

Must Haves for Your E-Commerce Site

Having and e-commerce site can be a great way to sell your products online.  It allows you to access a great number of potential customers you wouldn’t be able to draw from a brick and mortar store.  There are many e-commerce sites online so you want to make sure you make your site convenient and easy to use for your potential customers.  You want them to browse your site easily and want to come back for repeat sales.  Today I will discuss more ideas on how to setup your e-commerce site.  Make sure to take a look at my previous posts with more tips.

  1. Make sure you have a simple shopping cart logo

You want to have a shopping cart logo that customers can easily find and recognize.  Typically it looks like a shopping cart from the grocery store.  This is a universal symbol for the cart on e-commerce sites and I highly recommend you use this type of symbol.  Make sure it is placed in an easy to find spot.  Typically the upper right hand corner of a site, but you can place it also in the bottom right so customers will find it easier.


  1. Have a Login option

Having a login option is important, this way customers can return easily and not have to put in their own information every time.  In addition, they should easily be able to check on their current and past orders by logging in to their account.  Customers should be able to create their own login ID and password for your site.  It is beneficial to offer deals for your customers that login and create an ID.  Advertising this will increase the likelihood that your customers will create an account on your site.  This gives you an easy way to reach out to them with upcoming deals and entice them to come back to purchase more of your products.  Another way to encourage your customers to login and create an account is to give them an option to login with their Facebook or google account.  This makes it simpler for them to login and takes less time for them.  This will increase the likelihood that they will create an account.  It is also important to have a guest checkout, so that customers aren’t forced to have an account.  There will be some people who just don’t want one.

  1. Payment options

You will want to have multiple payment options and have it prominently displayed on your site so customers can easily see how they can pay.  Having as many as possible is important.  Offering credit card, debit card and PayPal can give you a variety of options.  You can also have gift certificates as an option.  You just want to make sure your customer can easily see the options. Having the payment option logos prominently displayed will be important.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

  1. Social Media

You want to make sure you have a social media presence.  Many customers come to sites from social media.  Therefore, it’s imperative that you have a Facebook page, Instagram account as well as a Twitter account.  You can communicate with your customers easily through social media channels about sales and new products etc.  In addition, you can also draw in new customers when your customers share your page.  Encouraging your customers to do this through contests can be very beneficial.  Make sure on your site you have an easy link to your social media sites.  Displaying the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter logo on your site on the sidebar or on the bottom of the page will allow customers to easily like your page or follow you.

Keep an eye out for more posts on getting the most out of your e-commerce site.

Why Go For A Web Agency In UK


You might be one of the many people who are thinking that why do you need a web agency and what is it. A web agency is a company that helps other companies or businesses to make their impact on the internet to attract potential customers. If you want to establish a business in some time in your life, then a web agency is something that you will surely have to use. These agencies utilize many different skills and techniques in order to make a website “searchable” on the internet. Now you might still be thinking that why you need a web agency in UK and how does it help. Well here you will find the simplest answer to this query.


Search Engine Optimization

When you are looking forward to start a business in this modern world, then you need to take help from a firm that specializes in media. Search Engine Optimization is one thing that is absolutely necessary, with the help of this process your website can be searched by people easily which will in turn help you get customers. One thing to be noted here is that Search Engine Optimization is not a onetime thing, instead it needs to be done repeatedly after some intervals.


A web agency in the UK can help you with marketing, this is simply done by making your website more visible to average users. A proper and experienced web agency will use marketing techniques that will draw more attention to your website. Marketing is a very important aspect to cover when you are about to set up a company, if you want your business to flourish.

Web Design

Since you are doing your business online and have contacted a web agency, then you know that how important your website is. When it comes to web design, then it is best to hire an agency that focuses mainly on the website. This is because, even if you manage to lure some customers then they might leave your side if they find website less attractive and slow. Web design companies will make sure that your website is beautiful, attractive and responsive so that it can provide the best experience to the user.


At the end of the day, the reason why you need a web agency in UK is to make your website visible to your customers. Every web agency that you hire will try to do the same thing, which is to draw more attention to your site so that you can get more visitors. There are people who end up concentrating on only one of these things and that is something that is wrong. If you come loose on even one of these things then that can affect the overall outcome in many ways. This is why you need to make sure that when you hire a web agency in UK, it should cover all these aspects in the best manner and should promise to provide a great results in the end.

Top Things to Consider When Creating Your E-Commerce Site

There are many people looking online to purchase goods and services.  There are men, woman, older people, younger people, kids and teenagers.  There are also many e-commerce websites looking to sell things to these potential customers.  It is imperative that you set up your site the best way possible to attract and keep customers.  There are many things to consider in designing your ecommerce site.  Today I will review some of the things you should definitely have as part of your home page on your e-commerce site.


  1. Make sure your home page and your shop is designed to SELL your products. You want it to look good and have a nice design, but you want customers to very easily be able to buy the products they are looking at.  You want easy buttons that are well placed and easy to use.
  2. Show why the customers should buy your products. Have customers easily be able to see categories to easily find the products they want.  Also make sure you have a good search function to help them find the right product easily.  Add in a section of New Arrivals and Sale items, so customers can go right there.  They want the best price so many people will check out sale items first!
  3. Have as much information as possible for customers to easily see – Make sure that all the details of an item are easily seen. Some sites have a little read more button that then pops up with all the details, dimensions etc.  Let customers easily see your delivery options, payment methods and return policies.  This should not be cumbersome for your customers.
  4. Make sure you have a catchy Logo that your customers will remember. This will let them remember your site more easily and build a brand recognition with your store online.
  5. Highlight your deals – Make sure that you highlight your deals and free shipping if you have it. As customers look over a website, many will look longer if you have free shipping, or special deals that catch your eye.  You need to catch their attention quickly.   You should definitely consider offering some type of deal whether  it’s free shipping or a percent off, or buy one get one free, make sure you advertise it on your site with a big banner that will quickly catch your customer’s eyes.   Having a large sign in the middle of the page saying 50% off or Free shipping, on orders over $50 will make customers pause and take a second look at your site and products.
  6. Highlight upcoming promotions and events – Use your home page to highlight your upcoming promotions or sales.  Make sure to put on your home page a section with new sales items and new arrivals.  This will help your customers that are returning easily see new items as well as new sale items.


  1. Place your branded products in the best position – If you have brand name products that customers are looking for (think- UnderArmour, Nike, Vineyard vines, Apple) make sure you place them in an easily Accessible spot that is eye catching. You should also have categories that customers can easily search for, for example, a shop by brands section, so they can easily click the drop down menu and pick the brand they’re looking for.   In addition, you want to have categories for sizes, colors etc.  If you can offer a filter option for customers that can be really helpful.

Keep an eye out for more posts on how to design your e-commerce site and agencies to help you get started!

United Kingdom Design Companies to Help You Build Your E-Commerce Website

If you are getting ready to launch your e-commerce site for your business you might be wondering how best to do this.  You want to make sure you have certain components, such as: easy navigation, clear buying and paying options, good search features etc (see my previous posts on these topics).  You also want to have a good eye catching design.  For some business owners the idea of designing their own e-commerce site is daunting.  They want to get it just right and might not have all the technical know how or design knowledge on how to make the best site.  For those business owners hiring a design company might be the way to go.  In this post I will highlight a couple of design companies that you might want to look into.


  • By Association Only

This agency is a certified Shopify expert and they design and develop visually appealing e-commerce websites on Shopify’s friendly platform.  The sites they build are bespoke and created specifically to your business requirements.  They create search engine optimized sites so you can get the best google results possible for your site.  They are a small agency that gives personal attention to their clients and what they want to achieve for their e-commerce site.  They are a full service agency, they can offer support in not only design but in marketing as well.  They offer support and will make sure your site is perfect when they are done.  They create secure payment gateways that use a 256 – bit SSL certificate so that your customers and you feel safe with your information and money.  The Shopify platform gives you the option of multiple payment options from PayPal to visa to Bitcoin.  Account creation helps bring customers back and by association only will give you that option as well as customers checking out as guests.  The site will load seamlessly on both mobile and desktops.


  • Belle Digital

This design company specializes in Fashion, home, lifestyle and nutrition sites.  They will create basic setup for sites  or bespoke store design and development for sites.  They can give monthly support as well as consulting for stores.  There goal is to give you a unique site that works for your business, they hope to help you grow and expand your business. They can set up a complete Shopify service site, the basic package starts at 895 pounds.  They can also help customize an existing theme if you have one already.  Belle Digital will help with your social media campaign.  They also offer assistance with online marketing to help boost your traffic and sales.  Utilizing the Shopify platform you with Belle Digital gives you an optimized search engine site as well as the ability to take payments of all types.  They offer a few different packages.  There is a pay as you go package that begins at 65 pounds.  You can get specific options you need such as design changes, theme changes, banner and imagery updates, graphics, email campaigns and application installation.  Depending on how many options you want will determine what the cost.  For 1500 pounds they offer the basic Shopify set up.  This gives you a choice of themes, home page, setup and design, Navigation set up, 6 information pages, 10 shipping rates set up and the first 10 products uploaded to. Your site.  They will also set up Shopify payment and PayPal set up as well as mailchimp and social media links.  For a customized Shopify store the cost is from 3000 pounds up.  This gives you a customized Shopify theme, custom page design, app installations, social media branding, custom features you want, product uploads, SEO redirects, google analytics as well as banners.   They key is to figure out your needs and what cost you are willing to pay.

Make sure take a look at my other posts highlighting some other web design agencies, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Business Expansion And Role Of Web Agency In UK


The concept of online marketing has gained a lot of attention in last two to three years and there is hardly any business entity around UK which doesn’t have online presence nowadays. In Fact it would not be wrong to say that online presence of a company is a major contributor to revenue generation which ultimately results in business expansion.

Having online presence increases the visibility of a company which actually creates awareness among the masses about the products and services that are being offered by the company. There are many companies out their which are solely dependent  on their online presence a common example of such companies are B2B portals who entertain the clients online and their major business expansion opportunities are also online.


Will a website work?

Merely having a website is no guarantee that your online presence is stable and you have made your contact with the online customers. If you want to enjoy high revenues and return of investments then for that you need to get the services of a web agency. If you are able to find a good web agency in UK then that can surely serve as a bonus for you. The competition in online marketing has increased dramatically and to beat this competition you need the services of a professional web agency. A good web agency will use several strategies and techniques through which your online presence becomes advanced and your revenue generation increases.

How Will the Business expand?

The online market is huge and there are a good chunk of people in this world who use internet for many purposes whether it be surfing, social media or other stuff people do use internet frequently. The world has become a global village now and due to the advancement of technology nowadays we have smart phones and other such gadgets from where one can easily access the internet.


If a company targets this huge database of online customers then the results can be very fruitful in the form of business expansion and more profits. Sadly the online marketing is not a blue ocean strategy anymore; rather there are many companies who are already targeting their potential customers online. In online world you need to beat your local competitors in UK and also those existing in other regions of the world.

A professional web Agency in UK can help you cater your online clients and will also help you in beating the competition through professional online strategies. These strategies include things like web designing, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Apart from these there are many other strategies and services also offered by web Agencies in UK.

Finding a web Agency would not be that difficult for you in a country like United Kingdom as there are many agencies already present in this part of the world. However it is always preferred that you should go for an agency which is reputed.

Top Media Agencies In The UK


Media and advertising agencies are something that have had a great impact on our lives, if you are a person who is running a business or wants to start one then for such a person media agencies become even more important. Finding a good agency in UK can become quite difficult and it is absolutely necessary for you to find the best one because if you hire the best agency then you will get the best service. Here you will find the top media and advertising agencies in the UK.


1.    Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO

Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO or AMV BBDO for short is a well-established media agency in the UK, and it is certainly the biggest advertising agency. Abbot Mead Vickers is also the local outpost for BBDO as it holds the minority stake since 1991.

2.    McCann Erickson

McCann Erickson stands as one of the greatest UK media agency to date. The London office of McCann Erickson is the hub for Britain’s biggest regional advertising network that covers four cities in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland.

3.    Adam & Eve DDB

Adam & Eve DDB was created in the year 2012, therefore it is a rather new agency. This agency was formed a result of the merger of Adam & Eve and DDB. DDB was once a great agency but its results started to decline in the mid 2000’s which led to this merger.

4.    WCRS Engine Group

WCRS is one of the greatest media agency that you can find in the UK, until 2005 the company was owned by Arnold Worldwide Partners network but it was later that year when the management of WCRS bought their independence.

5.    Bartle BogleHegarty

Bartle BogleHegary or BBH for short is one of the United Kingdom’s most admired agency. BBH continues to be a famous media agency in the country and the world and they have a lot of success to prove that statement.


6.    VCCP

VCCP is a full-service media agency that is based in London. The company also launched subsidiary offices in Europe and Australia. VCCP is a great agency that has accomplished many things in their respective fields.

7.    Leo Burnett London

Leo Burnett London is essentially a US media agency and is now one of the UK’s leading agencies. The company maintains a modest low profile and does its work in the best way possible. This agency has given great performance since 2007 onwards.

8.    Grey Group London

Grey London is one of Grey Global’s biggest outpost, the company is known to produce some of the greatest works in their field and that is what makes them one of the best media agencies in the United Kingdom.

These were some of the most popular media agencies in the United Kingdom. These agencies are perhaps the best you can get in the country and if you are looking forward to hire one then do not hesitate.

What to Look For in a Web Agency of UK


The concept of digital marketing has gained a lot of ground in recent years and almost all the countries of the world are hit by this concept. The United Kingdom is no such exception and there are many web agencies operating in this region as well. These web agencies provide various digital services like search engine optimization, search engine marketing and web development as well.

The presence of so many web agencies in United Kingdom is no guarantee that all of these agencies are exceptional. Rather like any other entity a massive different in quality can be observed. If you are a person who is looking for a web agency in United Kingdom then there are some traits which you must keep in consideration while selecting the agency.


Traits to Look for in a Good Web Agency:

Some basic traits which you must look for while selecting a web agency are as follows

  1. The first thing which you should see while selecting the web agency is its reputation in the market. The best way through which you can check the reputation is client testimonials. In these testimonials you will find feedbacks given by various clients of the company. If the number of feedbacks in the testimonial is positive then in such a case it is understood that the web agency is performing well.
  2. The second thing which you should do while selecting the agency is that you should make a visit to the agency and see how they are dealing with you. Are they listening to your needs? And are they taking your business suggestions seriously? Of course a web agency will only perform well for you if it understands your nature of business.
  3. The third thing which you should check is that what particular services the agency is providing to you. You should check the features and benefits. However there are many web agencies out there who try to impress their clients by showing them a huge amount of services which they can offer. As an intelligent person you should not get carried away with this, rather you should see what particular services are useful to you and whether such services are provided by the web agency or not.


4.  Before approving any web agency it is highly recommended that you should check whether the agency      is offering you a detailed proposal or not. Mere face to face meeting would not work. A web agency            should provide you a detailed proposal which should contain the agency’s understanding about your        requirements and should also explicitly state how the agency will achieve its defined targets.

5.  Before selecting the agency do check their website. It is always a good idea to check the website as it          will give you the insight about how professional the web agency is. An agency which claims to be                expert  in digital marketing must have a unique website too.

The above mentioned traits or criteria are very important while selecting a web agency. If you are investing a good amount of money in availing the services of a professional web agency then do so with utmost care. The above mentioned points will help you in selecting the agency which is both professional as well as experienced.