5 Reasons Not To Buy A Home Gym – What Are The Reasons!!

When it is time to get into shape and lose some weight, there are many ways that you can achieve the look you are after. You may try exercise, diet or a combination of both and you may join a gym, hire a personal trainer or alternatively buy some equipment for your home. Below are 5 reasons not to buy a home gym; that’s right, reasons not to purchase home gym equipment.

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Reason 1. You don’t need to just buy equipment, you need to know how to use it.

When you have decided it is time to get fit, you may think that installing a gym in your garage is the perfect answer. When you have a busy lifestyle you will find it difficult to join a gym and you will often waste money on a gym membership. However, simply buying equipment for your home is not sufficient to get fit. First, you will need to overcome the hurdle of how and where to set up your equipment and then work out how to use it. To a novice your equipment will look professional and like you are making a great effort to get into shape; but when you are too busy to visit a gym, when are you going to find the time to safely install equipment in your own home and most importantly work out how to use it?

Reason 2. You will lack the motivation to exercise and your equipment will be an expensive waste of money.

To exercise regularly you will need to be motivated; and you will only stay motivated if you can see the results of your hard work. In order to make use of your home gym, you will have to be organized and motivated and what’s more have hours to dedicate to your exercise regime. Chances are that without the watchful eye of your instructor looking over you, you will quickly forget about the shiny equipment you have installed in your garage and you will discover that you have thrown away more money than you would have done on a gym membership.

Reason 3. You lack a regime and will never acquire one without first visiting a gym.

When you purchase a gym for your home, you will need a fitness regime to follow and one that will get you motivated and keep you interested. If you push yourself too hard then you may quit before you see the desired effects. In fact, to see successful results from your gym you will need a regime and on your own you will find this an almost impossible task. A regime is something better learned at a gym class and then followed through at home.

Reason 4. Gym equipment in uneducated hands can be dangerous.

When you visit a gym, you are not less loose with the equipment; you have an instructor that will show you the best exercises and the way you need to pace yourself. Most importantly you will be shown the best ways to do weights and lifts without hurting yourself; attempting weights on your own for the first time can be extremely dangerous. So, before you even think about purchasing a home gym you will need to attend a gym or hook up with a personal trainer who will show you how to progress with your exercise regime.

Reason 5. A gym is no good without an instructor.

A home gym is lacking one vital ingredient and that is an instructor. Unless you are experienced in fitness and training, then you will have little or no idea how to use your equipment. To be successful with your workout you need a personal trainer or an instructor that can follow a tailor made plan with you. Without an instructor to guide you, your home gym will become hazardous, boring and most likely will start to gather dust. Unless you are experienced and feel confident that you can carry on your regime at home with the correct level of commitment and dedication, a gym with no instructor will be a waste of time.

Therefore, although there is a market for home gyms and a time and place to use them, they are certainly not the best purchase for someone who has decided to suddenly get fit. These are five reasons not to buy a home gym; however they are most certainly not reasons to avoid exercise and getting into shape.