Advanced Pokemon Go Tips From People Who Plays A Lot

Are you looking for some tips on playing Pokemon Go from advanced players? We got you covered. In this article, we are going to list some of the best tips from players who plays a lot of Pokemon Go. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Get more candies by exchanging Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, you have the choice to swap your Pokemons for candies. All you need to do is use the Transfer Pokemon function in the professor. It is a good idea to swap Pokemons that you already have multiple copies of, so that you can focus on leveling up your other Pokemons. Since you Bag can only carry a limited amount of Pokemon, it is necessary to swap your other Pokemons to make room for new ones.

  1. Plan your Pokemon upgrades by consulting the evolution path

The Pokedex displays the evolution of all the Pokemons that you captured. It is truly worth your time looking at the evolution of a Pokemon so that you can use your candies conservatively.

Creating a lot of mid level Pokemons are generally not that useful especially when compared to having a rare and evolved Pokemon that is stronger in battle.

  1. Utilize your Lucky Eggs properly

Occasionally you are going to acquire a Lucky Egg while playing the game. Sometimes, you can get one when the game updates. What does a lucky egg do? Simple, it doubles your XP gain for half an hour. The time of its effect is very limited, that’s why it is important that you don’t waste it. Only activate a lucky egg when you know that you are playing and doing activities that gives a lot of XP, such as hatching Pokemons, catching Pokemons, or battling in Gyms. Utilizing your lucky eggs properly is crucial if you want to catch up to your friends who played earlier than you. If you want to get further ahead of your friends even more, buying an account from reputable websites such as that sells Pokemon Go accounts is always an option.

  1. Switch off AR mode

There is no doubt that the AR mode in Pokemon go is enjoyable since it allows you to play with the real life places near you. However, AR mode has its drawback. It uses a lot of battery, and the game is easier to play by turning it off.

Try turning it off and just play in the default game world. You will see that it is much easier to collect Pokemons since the locations are predictable.

  1. Be acquainted with the Poke Stop

Whenever you check out a Poke Stop, always remember that you can skip the events and other promotions that they have by pressing the X button in your screen. Keep in mind that if you are close to a PokeStop, it is possible to pay a visit to that PokeStop over and over as long as you wait a few minutes before doing so.

  1. Only engage Raid Battles that you can manage

This tip might look like a cowardly strategy, however it is very important. After all, there is no way your low level Pokemon will be able to beat a high level and evolved Pokemon. Always analyze raid battles and see if there is a chance for you to win. Pokemon Go is not like the cartoons in which the protagonist can pull off crazy comebacks even when at a disadvantage. If your Pokemon is not powerful enough to face raid battle enemies, you will just be wasting your time. Your Pokemon will also pass out, requiring potions to revive them.

  1. Interact with Gyms

Pokemon Gyms are the main attraction of Pokemon Go. Various real world landmarks are turned into iconic Pokemon locations, such as shops, and more importantly, gyms. Winning a battle on a Gym will allow you to claim that gym for yourself. This will earn you coins for as long as the gym is kept on your possession. A gym is defended by leaving a Pokemon of your choosing there, and a player will have to battle your Pokemon (similar to what you do to take it.)