Best flowering tips for cannabis flowering 

The flowering stage of cannabis is when the plant begins to bloom a set of flowers. The flowering stage is different from that of the vegetative stage. During the vegetative stage, the main focus is on the growth of the Best Marijuana seeds, and it becomes bushier. If plants get infected, you can easily nurse it with proper care and attention.

Beginning of flowering stage

It doesn’t mean that the flowers start appearing on the plant. It doesn’t even show the stimulation of flowering. During this process, you can only detect a little change in the amount of light the marijuana plant receives. It is noticed that the plant starts to grow at a faster rate and shows an increase in height when it meets its threshold of light. A lot of people also noticed that a plant grows two times its original size during the first two weeks of the flowering stage.

Flowering stage

During the initial 1 to 3 weeks of the flowering stage, the cannabis began to develop its leaves and stems. At the end of the month, you will notice the sudden growth of buds—almost all the essential parts of the plant growth during the initial weeks of the flowering stage. However, the flowering of cannabis also depends on the strains you choose and where you plant it.

Growing auto-flowering strains

Auto-flowering cannabis strains don’t need constant darkness as they begin to grow on their own time. Generally, these plants are small in size and don’t show high yields. The vegetative growth of auto-flowering cannabis lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. Flowers are noticed one month later, but you will notice some changes in your harvest. You will first notice that your plant doesn’t produce leaves anymore. Moreover, little white color pistils appear, and flowers start developing from the bud of the Best Marijuana seeds

Identifying the male and female part

The plant reveals its sex during the flowering process. The difference between male and female cannabis plants is easily noticeable. However, both the plants develop flowers, but male flowers are small in size. The color of the male flower can be yellow, red, pale green, or purple. On the other hand, the female flower has two white hairy stigmas.

Maintaining the plant

Your pant needs your proper attention and care during initial stages. Make sure your plant doesn’t show any discoloration, and it should be green and healthy. If you notice any discoloration, it is due to a deficiency of nitrogen. In such a case, you should first make efforts to nurse the plant back to health.

Get ready to harvest

The complete flowering stage takes an average of two months. Sometimes the time period may extend depending upon the variety of strains. The easiest way to detect when your plant is ready for harvesting is when it starts turning red in color and when the calyces and pistils grow. Moreover, the raisins become stickier and heavier as time passes.


Here is a complete guide for flowering the Best Marijuana seeds. You need to give proper care and caution during this stage, as slight negligence will ruin the health of your plant.