Best Korean Fashion Trends

Preppy Look

One of the popular Korean fashion trends is the layered prey look. Korean Fashion introduced the layered preppy look by elevating refined and clean appearance. This is actually one of the popular things about Korean fashion, they love layering preppy with variety of texture types. You can layer a timeless button-up shirt and add a large bow at the collar or put a bejeweled collar to achieve a Korean preppy look. When you follow this trend, it will be very obvious that you are trying to achieve a Korean cute look.

Awesome cardigans and Jackets

Another popular fashion trend in Korea is the use of awesome jackets and cardigans. We all know that Korea has a cold climate. Hence, whenever we watch Korean movies or series, we always see actors wearing elegant cardigans and jackets. So, if you are not into layered preppy look, you may opt to consider a rock and roll style. Wearing cardigan or a studded jacket will certainly make you achieve that kind of look. Jackets and cardigans are also flamboyant, hence people will easily notice the your fashion statement you are trying to project with these jackets and cardigans


If you want to get an outfit that would look great and fashionable inspired by Korean fashion in summer, one of the best options that you can consider is the sheer and clear for summer. Basically, these are garments made from sheer products to keep you cool and fashionable. Korean culture is also a conservative one. This makes women shy away from wearing blouses or shirts that are too low cut. Hence, if you want to achieve a Korean look this summer, you can layer a sheer shirt underneath a low-cut blouse or a tank top dress.

Korean Heritage

One of the things that Koreans are really proud of is their culture and heritage. As a matter of fact, they always try to incorporate their culture and heritage to their fashion. So if you want to achieve this kind of fashion, you just have to add elements of hanbok, a Korean traditional wear into your outfit. This will give you extra class and elegance. You just have to be very creative and you have to unleash the fashion arty part of yourself. In this way, you can get the best Korean fashion inspired outfit.

80’s Style

One of the best things about Korean fashion is that they kinda look also like the 80’s funk. Thus, if you love the 80’s, Korean fashion is certainly one of the best deals for you. Today, 80’s funk has been given a modern Korean fashion twist. You can have wide variety of options such as bright and bold printed tees, neon sportswear casual outfits and relaxed hareem trouser. With this, you can achieve both Korean and 80’s fashion style together. 

Other Korean fashion trends include neon striped sweaters, cute sleeveless hoodie, loose-fitting harem pants, chiffon striped sweaters and so many more.