Clash Royale Clan: War Strategies

If you are a fanatic Clash Royale player, you are in the right place. This article will give you some clash royale clan war strategy tips.

Empower Your Clash Royale Deck

One of the crucial strategies that you need to consider in order to win at clan war is to balance the deck of your game. It is not a good idea to have a deck that entirely made of melee scrappers that are ground based or range fighters that are fragile. Always make sure that your deck is comprised of balanced units for you to be able to counter the attacks of your opponents such as long distance weapons, units that can impose splash damage and others. You can balance your deck by having an array  of card values. You can also get duffled up waiting for refills of elixir.

Choose Your Units Wisely

It is also very important to choose your units wisely so you will have high chances of winning. Basically, there are specific units that are responsible in attacking towers like Giant which is somewhat messy but powerful and the Hog Rider which is also considered as river-leaping. It is recommended to only use units that can attack the towers of your opponent. Giant and Hog Rider are very useful when it comes to that aspect. This is because they are extremely focused and are not easily distracted when your enemy plonk a unit nearby the battlefield.

Know How to Pair Units

Another helpful strategy is to know how you should pair your units wisely. It is not advisable to send units out solo because they will just get clobbered. The ideal strategy is to find and understand combinations that when used together, can impose strong attack impact. Giants absorb extreme damage  so make sure to stick one in front of a balloon in order to protect your giants until it gets to the tower of your opponent. You should also not pair Hog Riders with Goblins, Fire spirits OR ice Spirits because they are very vulnerable to swarms.

Use Spells

The spells in clash royael are designed in order to scupper advanced or boost trrops during a clash. Freeze is a spell that stops the opponents troops for a veru quick time. This spell is usually used to provide a Hog Rider a spree when near the tower. Another spell is Zap which is designed to piffle 2 elixer nukes weak enemies and stuns other opponents within its coverage for a quick time. Knowing how and when to use your spell is a great advantage for you in the game.

Play the game with an audio on

Last but not the least, it is recommended to play clash royale with audio on. You should wear headphones. This is because the game will be dull if you don’t on the audio. While the game may not have the best sound effects, they are very useful audio cues that can certainly attract your attention when units are plunked down.  Since focus and attention are needed when playing clash royale, it is recommended to use headphones.