Conquer Space – Build Rockets and Stations with Galacticraft

Minecraft’s worlds generate infinitely to the north and south, east and west. Plus, there’s an insane amount of dirt and stone to tunnel through. Where else would anyone even want to go? Well, how about up, for starters. For all you astronomers and astronauts out there, there’s good news – Galacticraft brings the stars within reach. Be warned: getting to space isn’t easy, but the satisfaction is enormous.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s not rocket science” before. Guess what – this is, and it’s intricate. It’s not quite Kerbal Space Program, but it’s no cakewake, either. Getting as far as the first celestial body, the moon, is difficult in itself. From harvesting fuel to gathering oxygen to synthesizing all the parts into a rocket, you may want to set aside a day for travel preparations alone. A single minecraft account at the platform will offer desired results to the playing. The playing of multiple games is easy and simple for the individuals. There is no rocket-science in the playing of Minecraft games. There is the availability of the desired results while playing from single account.

While this may put off some, there’s something to be said for delayed gratification. Oh, and for Space. We should probably start capitalizing the word ‘space’ when it’s used to refer to the infinite vacuum surrounding our world. Space is a cool place. But anyways, when your preparations are all checked off and you’re busting through the Minecraft atmosphere, you’re not going to be stewing about how difficult it was to get there. You’re going to be planning for the next step.

Keeping in with Minecraft’s theme, Galacticraft isn’t only about exploration – settling and building are key parts of the mod. My base on the moon is fueled by the things I brought from Overworld: a ferw saplings for oxygen and some wheat, seeds, chicken eggs for food sources. The rest I managed to find on the moon or live without. The Moon Villagers can also prove handy, if you’ve made them real people.

You won’t find all the same resources in the planets above as you will in Overworld. This means that, more than with any other mod I’ve encountered, careful preparations are required. This isn’t a spider-filled a dungeon that you can drop in on, sword brandished, and improvise your way through, or a book of spells that you can unleash upon the environment around you. This is space travel, and the struggle is real.

But I’m not here to tell you about the oxygen extractors and compressors, or the fueling pods or air locks. If you’re truly an intrepid explorer, you can learn these things in incredible detail in various places. I’m here to tell you what awaits you on the Moon and Mars… but between the dungeons, boss fights, new ores and armors, the incredibly atmospheric scenery, and the sheer depth of this mod, I’m not sure what to focus on.

And to be honest, I don’t really want to spoil that much for you. Getting to other planets is a big part of the mod, but the things to discover once you’re there are probably the most exciting and rewarding parts. After you and your friends have pillaged from the stars and back, you can create a Space base suspended between the worlds, and have the most awesome fort ever.