Cosmetic Theory- Pure Conjecture for Naysayers or Reliable Alternatives

Is it possible to completely put your trust on anybody or anything in present times without fearing the consequences? Well, not quite because the times are such that even the people on whom you have implicit trust can stab you in the back if the need calls for it.

We are living in a time and world that comprises of opportunists of the highest order that only see their best interests first and there is nothing wrong with that in a materialistic world because you have to make sure that you are capable of doing things yourself before helping out others.

This is none more evident than when it comes to matters that pertain to good looks and health where both are quite tangent in an individuals’ life, which is why you have to tread the path carefully given the increasing amount of fakery involved where people resort to such tactics to mint some money.

Trust Issue

We were talking about good looks and how youngsters are obsessed with them due to which they are prepared to give anything to look the same all the time and this trait is seen mostly in movie stars.

It is because they work in an image based industry where your handsome/gorgeous looks decide your worth and you can sustain here so long as you are meeting the expectations of the role offered.

The stars need not worry about it because they have enormous fortune that they can put to use by going under the knife where many of them go for Botox and plastic surgery to enhance their looks to a whole new level.

Now it’s another matter that the results are not as good as you think and more often than not, the surgery ends in disaster where their new look is so grotesque that they tend to look perfect pre-surgery.

But the common man does not have such privileges as he has difficulty in trusting personal care products that are sold in the market that are of dubious nature due to spurious content present in it.

Even Mejores Libros that come out these days contain products that are made in factories that have artificial chemicals when actually the ones that come from natural sources have 100% positive results, which is why they are relied on more and this is a step in the right direction.


Now comes the million dollar question on whether you can trust personal care products or not? See, it is a matter of opinion where you have two choices to make- either you buy natural products through direct marketing or continue using the ones available in the market despite knowing that they yield no results.

No one but you has any idea of what kind of personal care products you are using so it is entirely in your hands to make sure that you are using those that have quality content that contains no side effects and excellent results.

Fortunately, today’s youth is pretty smart in such matters as they make sure that they doubly check over what content they are buying on Amazon that can prove their money’s worth, which they also help out their parents with.