Dyson DC31 -Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review, Uses, Types, Specifications

Dyson DC31 – An Ideal Tool That Helps Keep Your Home CleanPurpose: The Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful tool designed for spot cleaning in and around the house or a car. It is quite ideal for cleaning and getting out pet hair from anything like furnishings and carpets. The equipment is quite powerful that it can be used for small jobs at home. Dyson DC31 has a small digital V2 motor that is more powerful than the traditional motors. It is controlled by a microprocessor and has a spinning capacity of 100,000rpm.

The specially made motor makes this machine look compact and light. Moreover, The Root Cyclone technology used in the machine ensures consistent suction power when cleaning as it spins dust and dirt out of the air. It is equipped with a dual power mode that gives six minutes burst of power for 70 percent higher suction. The HEPA filters in the machine last lifelong and are quite helpful in picking up allergens. The filters are washable that they can be rinsed and cleaned with water. It is safe to use as it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation to the lungs due to the absence of carbon brushes. The DC 31 picks up and traps dust, debris and pet hair that is clung to carpets, cushions, or upholstery quite easily Dyson DC31 Uses:Dyson DC31 is best used to pick up debris like crumbs and other large particles and dust soft surfaces, electronic equipments and furniture.

The specially designed accessories like wide debris nozzle, brush tool and crevice tool help clean this easily. Dyson DC31 Types: Dyson DC31 comes in two types: DC31 and DC31 Animal. The DC31 Animal is equipped with a motorized brush-bar and pivoting sole-plate to capture stubborn pet hair clung to the furnishing in the house or car. Dyson DC31 Specifications

  • 10 minutes of high constant suction or 6 minutes with 70% higher suction Dyson DC31 costs $319.99 and Dyson DC31 Animal $389.99. The shipping charges are extra. You can also find special deals and discounts on your purchase of DC 31. Dyson DC31 Review: According to the reviews, Dyson DC31 is considered to be a compact machine that can be carried around for doing small cleaning jobs in and around the house. The in-built lithium battery that gives 10 minutes use on normal power or 6 minutes on the higher power is quite useful while cleaning the furniture, car, computer or for that matter anything in kitchen is an attractive feature.
  • The accessories are quite useful. The combination dusting tools like the brush to loosen the stubborn dirt; crevice tool to clean skirting boards, computer keyboards and picture rails and strip behind the intake to capture the stubborn hair clinging to the carpet or cushion are quite impressive. Most of the customers feel that DC 31 is quite easy to handle with no loss of suction. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, it is hygienic and easy to clean bin with a touch of the button. With the overall performance being satisfactory, DC31 has received consistent ratings of 4 and 5 from its customers.

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