Finding the Ancient Debris and Netherite Ingots in Minecraft

When it comes to strategic games, Minecraft comes as one of the preferred names on the lips of the gamers. Since its inception, it has been garnering a huge fanbase, and this can be further confirmed by the good number of gaming websites that have opened training tutorials on it. To add as icing over the cake, the game has undergone several updates to support the players. 

One of the important things that affect the progress in the game is the availability of Ancient Debris and Netherite resources. Thus, the upcoming content speaks in detail on it, including the method to obtain these via minecraft alt accounts.

On the ancient debris

Ancient debris is primarily the most important resource in the game. It can also be attributed to the fact that it is the source for the production of accessory resources, like Netherite scraps and ingots. Commonly found in the Nether world, the resources can also be scraped from the above levels with the right amount of strategy. 

The following are the popular methods of mining out the ancient debris in the game:

  • Branch mining, where the player needs to use a diamond pickaxe for carrying out the activity. This equipment needs to have a minimum of Efficiency of the second level to have the proper hits on the ground and mine out the perfect debris. The players can sprint about one direction of the lava and then hit the axe in the opposite direction. Care needs to be taken that you do not fall inside of the lava accidentally.

As an addition, the players can think about going for Mending and Unbreaking Level III on the axe. It allows the mining of the quartz, which accelerates the search for ancient debris. You can combine this with bed mining to gain an extraordinary result.

  • Bed method, that uses beds in alternate dimensions to explore a larger area than TNT. The beds combined with wool and other wood resources trigger the reaction and expose the lava pools during the process. Thus it is expected of the players to come up with Blast Protection, potions of fire resistance, Totems of Undying, and Armour to stay safe during the explosions. 

The following are steps followed for it:

  1. Mining till the level of Y=15, where the concentration of ancient debris would be highest.
  2. Placing of the crafting table and putting up the beds on it in a sequential manner.
  3. Mining of the tunnels in a required pattern to contain the effects of the blast, and molten lava.
  4. Placing the beds inside tunnels, with their heads directed towards the main tunnel.
  5. Protection in form of solid blocks over the bed heads.
  6. Triggering the explosion to expose the gold orbs.

This process might be time-consuming but would ensure the maximum amount of ancient debris to the player.

On the Netherite ingots

As mentioned earlier, Netherite ingots are products out of the ancient debris and can be mined only from the Nether world. Therefore, to get the Netherite gear, you have to smelt the Ancient debris. It leads to the conversion to Netherite scraps, which in turn need to be combined with four gold ingots for producing the Netherite Ingots. 

Taking a shorter route

If you do not have the time to go for such exhaustive methods, then you can prefer the route of minecraft alt accounts. These are established accounts that can be purchased from any website, and you are sure to get nice upgrades for the character. This can either be in terms of resources or the overall avatar.

Just ensure that you do this safely, as detection might cause permanent blocking of the gaming account.