Governor Grants Marijuana Permits In Illinois

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn passed Illinois’s medical marijuana law, but failed to issue licenses before departure.

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This left many would-be business owners in limbo and scared of a reversal by his successor, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Rauner said he was against the program and even joked at one point about auctioning off permits to the highest bidder. Once governor, Rauner said no licenses could be issued until a review of his predecessor’s evaluation process was complete.

Recently, candidates for the state’s program complained that they were sinking large sums into real estate and other expenses without any idea when they might start turning a profit. Suddenly on February 2nd, Rauner’s administration began issuing permit award letters without any further explanation. Though this is good news, it will still take months before the crop matures in order to supply patients their medicine.

Rauner’s office did say that it conferred with the office of Attorney General Lisa Madigan on places where the state could perhaps be open to litigation. One such problem was what general counselor Jason Barclay called the “arbitrary” process in which the Quinn administration went about disqualifying applicants. Elimination from candidacy did not allow for applications to clarify their position or respond to the concerns regarding their proposed operation.

A spokesman for the former governor responded by saying that Quinn hadn’t issued licenses because he wanted an impartial process that wasn’t rushed. 18 grow operations will now sprout up in the state, one for each region and each located in the vicinity of a state police station. The governor’s office will now issue award letters which must be responded to within 48 hours. Final approval hinges on the payment of registration and other fees, extending employee records, and showing proof of sufficient funds to build and sustain such an operation

53 dispensaries will soon be set up to offer medical marijuana to card holding Illinoisans. Five additional companies may be able to enter the field. But that is currently under review.