How to Live Without Cable TV or Satellite Services

Make the decision to cut cable tv

There are many reasons people might choose to cut their cable or satellite television service. Some say it’s because of the content and they don’t like what’s being shown over the air. However, most people will say it’s because of financial reasons. Especially during these tough economic times when people are just making ends meet with basic living expenses for rent, food, and utilities.

Cable tv is considered a luxury compared to needing a car to go to work especially if public transit is not easily accessible. It becomes a luxury to have a landline and a cell phone. The internet is used for job searches and entertainment. Many people say one of the first things they cut are the luxuries, and this is how you can survive without cable.

Comparing the costs

The local cable tv and satellite service charge anywhere from $70 to over a hundred dollars a month, depending on where you live. In addition they offer combined phone and internet services. We decided to reduce our bills by paying for a basic internet service, less than $20 a month and buying our own wireless router instead of renting it from the same internet provider. I don’t see a real difference in the cable internet except a few delays when watching a video, but for the price it’s well worth it.

Since we use cell phones, we didn’t need a land line. As far as cable, yes there are a few channels that I miss, however I could never watch all 100+ channels at anytime. Once we resolved that we were cutting cable, we found great alternatives.

Alternatives to cable TV – Free and for a small fee

We now watch free local television instead of Cable with an inexpensive antenna and converter box. We get most of our news online and we can still watch our favorite television series and movies on services like, which have free and paid for services. In addition you could pay as little as $7.99 a month for Netflix instant streaming over the internet of all you can watch movies and television series. If you really want to save, you could go to your local public library and borrow movies, including new releases and television series for free!

No Internet, No Television, No Computer

Let’s say you don’t have any of these items, and there are some individuals and families who have chosen to do without. If you really need a television fix, head to your nearest McDonalds or shopping mall. For the most part you can watch your favorite shows by asking the manager if they will change the station. If you work out at a large gym like 24 hour fitness, there are dozens of televisions and at least a dozen channels to choose from. In reality, we’ll survive without motion pictures and television, but we live in a nation where we don’t have to.To be honest, it is easier said than done as you can’t imagine life without either of them as they have become an inseparable part of our lives especially in a Porsche locality like Culver Lake where you have a huge apartment complex where residents are suckers for entertainment.