How to Travel Light and Efficient

Preparation. Your trip is coming soon, you have to plan to pack your bag(s). I see a lot of travelers overdoing it, bringing far too much on the trip Put out in front of you the items you want to bring along. This is not leaving home forever. This is only leaving home for your adventure.   

Elimination. Eliminate items that are unnecessary. Sure you like these 6 shirts, pick 3. You like those 4 shorts, pick 2. You like those 3 pairs of pants, pick 1. Eliminate any excess baggage, stuff you won’t need anyways. Why take things that are not going to be of use? As for the shortage of clothes, you won’t need those extra clothes. There is laundry services everywhere in the world.   

Valuables. Leave your valuables at home, those sentimental items that mean a lot to you. Don’t bring them along. If you don’t want to lose it, don’t bring it. How often do properties have to field lost and found item inquiries? Quite frequently it happens, and that sentimental item you have had all your life, well you would still have it if you didn’t bring it along on your trip. Leave the valuables at home.   

Petty things. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor, toiletries, Leave them at home. There is a store nearby wherever you go. Buy these things when you arrive at your destination.   

Prepare documentation of your flight, make all necessary contacts, and prepare items you may need to accompany your documentation before leaving your home. Have a flight itinerary printed. Have extra passport photos, copies of your travel insurance, copies of your visas. Notify your bank of your travel plans. Notify your family and friends of your plans.   

Do your math. Budget your trip according to what funds you have. Whether your trip is 1 week or 1 year, you should know what money you need, and know what your are spending per day and/or per month.    Wear easy clothes and footwear to the airport. I travel in shorts, tshirt or long sleeve, and flip flops. The less cluttered you are, the easier customs and passing through will be. Check your bags, walk through security with as little as possible.    Leave your problems behind. Turn off your mobile phone, Leave an on vacation message, Don’t check your emails. Let everyone know you are on vacation.   

Arrive at the airport early. Be there well before your flight departs, I recommend 3 hours. Travelers are all nervous about missing flights and connections. Go early, sit and have a mocha at the airport cafe. Watch the travel world walk by. It’s much easier on oneself to be there before on time than to be running late and nervous.   

Have fun and enjoy travel. This is your opportunity to escape daily routine. Let everything stay behind you in the rear view on the trip and look forward to enjoying safe and healthy travels.One of the best flights that can be availed is the chartered flight from dubai to Mumbai if you’re looking for healthy travels where you can get one of the best staffs with many conveniences.