Know the Different T-Shirt Printing Methods with Details

Before start converting an ordinary plain t-shirt into a cute and beautiful masterpiece, know which type of printing method would work best for your project. Screen printing and heat press are the two commonly used methods for t-shirt printing and designing. But, with the advancement in technology many new methods were launched and worth using for t-shirt printing. There are different types of T-Shirt printing methods and each come their own uses and functions. Some are Instant T-Shirt Printing methods, while some methods needs more time to show results. Let us have a look at some of the commonly used printing methods for t-shirts. 

Screen Printing

It is the most common and popular type of t-shirt printing method and also known as silkscreen printing method. For this printing method you need a nylon mesh and stencil. Before printing you need to setup the stencil that is held by the mesh cloth, while the negative space you want to design is blocked by a water resistant material. The negative space is the area that is porous for the dye material and the ink is flooded into the screen for printing. 

Screen printing is best suited for high quality printing designs on t-shirt as it delivers best replication of design on any fabrics. 

DTG or Direct to Garment Printing

DTG is another popular t-shirt printing method amongst the professionals. It is easy to use, but need some skills and knowledge. To make this method work you need to have textile ink and printer. It works just like the paper printer, but the only difference is that the ink is injected to the fabric rather than paper. You need to upload designs to the system where the creativity and uniqueness of the design is enhanced.

This printing method is used to create some super complex designs on t-shirts. The process offers a softer feel to the fabrics and the ink used for printing never creates any extra layer of thickness on the final product. 

Dye Sublimation

For light fabrics and t-shirts, dye sublimation is the best printing option. The cost of the printing is higher than other alternatives, but the end results are something that customers appreciate. To have the better outcome with this printing method, you need to have knowledge and skills in dye sublimation. It offers best results on polyester like cream fabrics, but results on cotton fabric is not up to the mark.     

Specialized dye liquid is used in the process where the liquid dries up when it comes to the contact of polyester fabric. As it dries completely it solidifies on the t-short fabric and after that heat and pressure is applied for sublimation. When the fabric is exposed to extreme pressure and heat it turns into gaseous form and molecules of fabric expand and gas leaks between the gaps present in the fabric. At the end, the molecules contract when heat is removed.      

Vinyl Cutting

In this method of printing, soft clothing is cut into different designs and shapes, and it is transferred into the surface of the t-shirt using heat press method. This printing method allows you to print one single design or use it to produce large numbers of designs. It works as the best printing method for multiple garment types. The vinyl cutting machine offers you the option to use several layers of print and colours while creating designs. The method is used for designing slogan, sportswear and small graphics. 

These are some of the common and most popular type of Instant T-Shirt Printing methods that are worth using in 2020 for beautiful and alluring t-shirt printing projects.