Physical Natural Bodybuilding Supplements You Need

Body Building Info-The natural bodybuilding is not so different to what the professionals take, except for a difference… Drugs. It’s no secret that the best athletes in the sport used cocktails of drugs to get his massive figures in muscles and fat free. The preferred drug is clearly anabolic steroids, mixed in a cocktail with growth, IGF-1, clenbuterol and T3 hormones. Natural bodybuilders physicists prefer to not take these cocktails to achieve their goals in a natural way. This does not mean that they do not take anything.

The best anabolic steroids for sale are available at affordable rates. You can choose the right one according to the requirement. The achieving of success is possible with fewer efforts and time spending, The building of the mass is possible for men.

Until the natural body builder’s physicist looking for the latest technology or something that will take them to their limits, but the big difference is that the natural bodybuilders physicist prefers to handle their own hormones to the maximum levels as far as possible accompanied by obviously an excellent diet and training plan. Using natural supplements you can create high hormonal levels from your own body. This means more muscle and better physical shape! Let me tell you a secret, all the physical “natural” bodybuilders take something. It can be that they do not consume illegal drugs, but you can be sure that something they are using.

Supplements that are waste of money for natural body builder physique

Winners (Gainer) weight Smoothies is supplements that you don’t like natural bodybuilder physique. You can get all your macro nutrients from foods such as chicken, fish, eggs, meat and the extra extra protein can get it protein smoothie. Carbohydrates found in the weight gainer are of low quality and are not necessary. Such products are those who normally behind the natural bodybuilders physicist because they spend their money on them instead of using it in supplements to increase the muscle mass of truth.

Glutamine They have given you too much advertising fake, why many people thinks that it is to create muscle and use it as your main amino acid, will you actually only helping the recovery of the body not to put extra muscle in your body. Leucine is the true amino acid creative muscle, so you have to search high amino acids Leucine and something very important, do not use amino acids , hydrolyzed Soy protein, soy in men is FATAL, since it reduces testosterone and increases estrogen levels. Always looking for your amino acids have at least more than 2.5gr of Leucine by served and use during your training to avoid muscle catabolism (lost) while training, for this reason is advisable that is powder that you mix it with your water that you use while you train.

Supplements for a natural bodybuilder physique

What if you want to take is a good supplement to cretin! Cretin has so many benefits to your health and also to change your muscle cells so that they grow big and strong! So, make sure you take a good supplement of cretin.

The next biggest problem is that you will want to optimize your hormonal levels as those who use drugs. And Androgen levels are being attacked by all the chemicals that exist in the environment such as pesticides, plastics and even lotions! These chemicals steal testosterone and also increase the effect of estrogens in the body. You need to reduce estrogen and increase testosterone if you want to reach your maximum naturally.

Reduce estrogen can come from many sources, but the best is an inhibitor of aromatization. This tomb the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. You also want to block estrogen level recipients. In addition to reduce estrogens also want to increase testosterone levels. Having higher levels than normal is important to build muscle because you’re natural or “drugged”. If you are under 21 years of age and want to stay totally natural, products used as treatment of Post cycle (PCT) serve very well for this purpose since its primary goal is to block estrogen, increasing levels of testosterone in the body. If you want to use Pro-hormones, take a look at our section of Pro-hormones, which can give you even rawer and shoot your ceiling androgenic levels! Both supplements are of utmost importance for a bodybuilder physique that wants to be natural but also wants to have the best possible body.

It is also important to help the body to produce more natural growth hormone are some of the benefits of growth hormones, increase of the reduction of fatty tissue, Muscular tissue, eliminates cellulite, wrinkles and produces youth skin, hair growth and restore hair color, increase energy, reducing fatigue, increases resistance to physical exercise , Increase sexual performance, improve the cholesterol profile, among others, inject able growth hormone is very expensive and hard to get since its sale without a prescription is illegal.

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Standard cycle for a natural bodybuilder physique – 30 days

  • 1 bottle of Form XT.
  • 1 bottle of EPIC– before each training session.
  • * Optional: 1 or 2 boxes of Hexagen

Hardcore cycle for a natural bodybuilder physique – 60 days


  • 1 bottle of EPIC– before each training session…
  • 1 bottle of Mass Port – just after training
  • * Optional: 1 or 2 boxes of Hexagen

Diet and exercise for a natural bodybuilder physique

It is clear that this is the most important part. You need to have a good training program and be following a proper diet that includes much protein, uses protein supplements to help you get to the daily amount of protein that your body needs. Without this, you never get to have a good figure no matter that supplements use!