Pokémon Go: All the Tips to Quickly Improve

Unlike traditional Pokémon games, Pokémon GO is the trainer who has a level and not the Pokémon.

The more it increases and the more you encounter new Pokémon, the more powerful they will be and the more access you will have to new items in the pokemongoaccshop.com. It is therefore interesting to make your trainer progress as quickly as possible. One trick is to use a Lucky Egg.

The Present Scenar

On sale in the Shop and obtained by reaching levels 9, 10, 15, 20, and 25, these eggs allow you to double the number of experience points (XP) acquired for 30 minutes.

It is, therefore, a matter of waiting to have a large number of Pokémon capable of evolving, such as roucools, for example, prevalent and which only require 12 candies to evolve. Then use a Lucky Egg and perform as many evolutions as possible within the time limit.

Virtually, in pokemongoaccshop.com, all of your actions in Pokémon GO earn XP. 

Tracking out Pokémon

You can wander around randomly to discover Pokémon, but it is more lucrative to track them. At the bottom right of the map, the Pokémon closest to you are displayed (or their shadow if you haven’t seen them yet).

You will also be more likely to encounter Pokémon in specific locations. Thus, Pokémon’s often appear around PokéStops and Arenas. In addition, the location of Pokémon generally takes into account their type and natural habitat. This will make it easier to meet a Water-type Pokémon near a body of water. Finally, green leaves flying around the map mark locations where Pokémon are likely to spawn.

Attracting Pokémon’s

Instead of chasing Pokémon’s, why not attract them to you by using two items?


As you use it, pink smoke will spin around your trainer for 30 minutes, attracting wild Pokémon to him.

The Lure module

Install one on a PokéStop so that the latter attracts wild Pokémon. PokéStops equipped in this way are recognizable on the map by the pink petals floating around them. The effect lasts thirty minutes and benefits all players.

Pokémon’s Battle Points a Pokémon

‘s CPs represent its Battle Points and, in a way, its power. The higher a Pokémon’s CP, the more damage its attacks will do.

In a Pokémon’s card, the semi-circle above it symbolizes its maximum CP. The lighter part of this semi-circle corresponds to your Pokémon’s current CP gauge and allows you to appreciate the distance between it and its maximum.

A Pokémon’s maximum CP is determined by its species, size, and your trainer level. Thus, the more you level up, the higher the CP of captured Pokémon will be.

Increasing a Pokémon’s CP requires Stardust and candy associated with that Pokémon. If you have the necessary amount of these two items, just press the “Reload” button in your Pokémon’s sheet to increase its CP value.

You can repeat the operation as long as you have enough resources.

Evolving a Pokémon allows you to complete Pokédex by obtaining a Pokémon that you have not yet captured.

A Pokémon obtained by evolution is always more potent than its wild counterpart. In Pokémon GO, evolutions require species-specific candies that are received each time you capture a specimen of that species