The History Of Cbd Flower And The Path It Took

The history of marijuana and CBD flower, in general, has seen many tough patches. Depending upon the place and region, the image of marijuana is different. There are some regions around the world where marijuana is seen as the way to meet gods whereas some regions are outright banned. In reality, there are no long term harmful effects in taking CBD flowers or marijuana if taken in the right amount. Research has shown that if a person is above 18 and not pregnant, there is no harmful effect. Only people who do not understand marijuana are the ones who complain about it and think it is a hard drug and classify it as dangerous for society. In reality, it was found that alcohol is more dangerous than the consumption of CBD flowers, but it is still consumed in the mainstream, whereas the consumption of marijuana has become side-tracked.

Statistical values:

To date, there are no deaths recorded from the overdosage of marijuana, but except marijuana, every drug that is taken has killed one or two because of its consumption. There are some bad effects of marijuana, but they are not much important to directly ban its consumption.

The real history :

The history of CBD flower or marijuana was not as bad as it is in the current age. There are many instances from history where ganja or marijuana plants have been used for around 3000 years. With the earliest evidence dating back 4000 years ago. Earlier, the hemp of the plant was used in making stuff such as clothes. It was also used as writing material. As the years evolved, the plant started being used for recreational purposes. From there to around the eighteen century, the image of ganja and marijuana was pretty good, and in some regions around the world, it was also seen as a gift given by gods. Many monks and sadhus took the help of marijuana for meeting the gods and experiencing nirvana.

What changed its image:

It was around the time the British landed in India and were very much perplexed after seeing the open use of marijuana and other substances. After seeing that and with a sick mind of changing India to their needs and wants, they banned cannabis or marijuana use. Seeing the many British countries all around started copying their reports and also banned the use of cannabis. But the major blow to the image of cannabis was when the USA put marijuana under the category of hard drugs, which was deemed bad for society. As the United Nations are strongly affected by the US’s actions, they also made the use of marijuana a threat to the body and society. Because of the global image of marijuana becoming better and worse.

Sum up

In conclusion, the image of CBD flowers or marijuana is really bad, but it’s beginning to change. A person should not judge anything before trying it for oneself.