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A Guide For Matchmaking Friends The Dos And The Donts


We all want to be that helpful friend who makes a fantastic match when one in our group has had enough of loneliness. After all, many wedding speeches are giving thumbs up to a friend like that who found and suggested a good match. However, matchmaking can go so wrong that it will break lifelong friendships. Let’s discuss the rules of it.

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Has your service been required?

First of all, you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to create a match when you friend has never asked for your help in this matter. They may be single, but not miserable or lonely. Did they ever say they’d like to meet some of your acquaintances or work colleagues? Go ahead then. Never assume, however, that your single friend is in need of a partner. If they never mentioned it, be nice and stay away from matchmaking attempts.

It’s not a life and death matter

No matter how good your intentions are, you need to keep in mind that this is no life and death matter. Your single friends may simply be 100% un-attracted to the singles in your extended group. Don’t go overboard and have desperate attempts at hooking them up. They don’t have to be coupled up by a certain age. Even if they want to, you can only do a limited amount of things to help them out.


When matchmaking friends, you need discernment, respect, discretion and a good understanding. Think of comfortable situations instead of the obvious one that reveal your matchmaking intentions. Parties are the best here – you can invite these singles without putting pressure on them. If they don’t like each other, no one will be embarrassed. Or, be super discreet and invite these people in a social environment without telling them about each other. If attraction exists, they will know where to take it from there. Discretion is much better than being obvious about it.


Be considerate and don’t get upset or angry if your efforts lead to nothing. Don’t use ultimatums (“X is the last person I can introduce to you, you’d better accept this one!”). Also, there better be no blind dates. If you’re unsuccessful, don’t suggest your friend that they should lower their standards. They know what makes them happy. Sometimes, being single may be what makes them fulfilled.

Don’t bring your friend to a specific location, invite the possible match too, then disappear. They will figure out it was all set up and could feel very embarrassed about it. Don’t nudge them, don’t be too suggestive and say things like, “Maybe you two should hang out together” or “I think you and X would make a great match.” and definitely don’t wink or smile awkwardly when both are able to see you.

Respect them all and don’t fret when they say they’re not interested. You tried and you only know a limited amount of singles. In dating, as with everything else, anyone can only do what’s in their power.

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