Benefits Of Hemp Oil To Your Appearance, Health, And More

Hemp oil and other hemp seed products may be expensive, however they have a wide range of advantages that you will surely benefit from. This article talks about hemp oil in general, so if you are looking for specific product comparisons such as Ananda hemp review, please refer to our other articles. Without further ado, let’s start:

Skin and beauty benefits

Hemp seed oils are very nutritious, and is good when it comes to improving your skin. Hemp seed oils contains a lot of vitamins that will be helpful for the skin, keeping it healthy and preventing acne breakouts. The fatty acids that are found in hemp seed oils are also very good when it comes to protecting the skin.

This was supported by a study that was conducted back in 2014 that discovered that hemp seed oil contains a lot of beneficial vitamins as well as fatty acids. These fatty acids are superb when it comes to adding nourishment to your skin. They also protect your skin from irritation, oxidation, irritation, and other kind of problems. The researchers of that study mentioned that applying hemp seed oil on your skin will strengthen it, and will make your skin more resistant to infections, in addition to serving as a treatment to eczema. Other skin issues that hemp seed oil can treat include psoriasis, dermatitis, varicose eczema, acne rosacea, and lichen planus.

These advantages could be caused by the helpful fatty acids and vitamins, as stated earlier in this article.

Benefits to the brain and your mental health 

The beneficial fatty acid component of hemp seed oil is also helpful for the well being of your brain, which needs a lot of healthy fatty acids to work effectively. Aside from having fatty acids, hemp seed oil also contains a lot of other compounds that can help in taking care of the brain.

A newly released research conducted to mice discovered that an extract of hemp seed contains active compounds that had the ability to assist in taking care of the brain against swelling. The researchers observed that hemp seed oil consists of polyphenols, which might be involved in safeguarding your mind. Having said that, take this research with a grain of salt since a study conducted in humans is still required to confirm these benefits.

Cardiovascular system benefits

The extensive nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil imply that it can also have good effects for your heart. Nevertheless, most of the info which is available today originates from older research or analysis that utilizes animals as the test subjects.

An old research published in the Nutrition & Metabolism journal illustrates the nutritious components of hemp seeds. The study further notes the positive impact on numerous health problems, like hypertension, vascular disease, levels of cholesterol.

Meanwhile, a study conducted in 2014 revealed that alpha-linolenic acid, one of the many fatty acids discovered in hemp oil seems to decrease the possibility of heart problems. The researchers however called for additional studies and clinical trials to further prove their discoveries.

Full-spectrum hemp oil also contains cannabis plant parts, which provides extra substances, like CBD.

Even though hemp seeds only have a small amount of these substances, a greater quantity might provide some supplemental advantages to your body.

Muscle stress relief 

Hemp oil made up of CBD can also help with typical stress as well as tension within your muscles. CBD, similar to fatty acids, have a strong anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in relieving muscle pain and stress. Massaging your muscles using hemp seed oil might help in discharging the stress and loosening your muscles, allowing you to recover faster from your muscle stress. This can be used after exercise or after working hard.


Research and studies conducted on the effectively of hemp oil are still new, partly due to the fact that there are laws that restricted the study of cannabis plants. However, there is no denying the benefits that cannabis based products have, such as hemp oil. The future of the study on hemp oil is very bright, and further research will surely verify the validity of these claims, and might even uncover new health benefits.