Perception and the Law of Attraction

The way in which one responds to situations in life depends upon perception. Everyone senses things the same, but once the sensation reaches the cortex of the brain, it is perceived differently. One may see a piece of broccoli and excitedly reach to devour it, while another will look at it in complete disgust.

Perception can be changed over time by channeling and controlling one’s thoughts. Humans have a unique ability to control and channel energy – thoughts and emotions! These thoughts and emotions interact with all the energy present in the universe and eventually become reality. Henry Ford stated, “Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right!” Those few words quickly sum up human potential. One succeeds or fails long before the even complete the process – or even begin!

When a pebble is dropped into a pond, the ripples begin to slowly perpetuate and affect the entire body of water. Likewise, one’s thoughts and emotions transport a ripple or wave throughout their entire body and to their surroundings – the universe. The universe will then reverberate this energy back to the individual. Thus, all are equipped with the power to create their future through the laws of the universe.

One must recognize that they are the only one who can control and maintain their thoughts. Even during the darkest of circumstances, it is the individual that chooses their predominate thoughts and feelings – the energy that creates their future.

There are two boys that are complete opposites. One boy is always happy and grateful, the other is always complaining and negative. Desperate to find a method to assist the boys in finding happiness, the parents seek assistance from a counselor. The counselor advises the parents to only give their boys one present during the upcoming Christmas season. The present was to be a bag of horse manure. Naturally, the parents hesitated but resolved to follow the counselor’s advice. Christmas morning came, and cautiously the parents ventured into each of the boy’s rooms to observe the outcome. Their negative child was moaning and complaining about the horrible smell and the lack of presents; their positive child was jumping on his bed, laughing with excitement. The parents, eager to know of his inexplicable reaction inquired as to why he was so excited. The little boy responded, “With this much manure, there has got to be a pony somewhere!”

One’s negative emotions become their personal stumbling blocks to happiness. The more one expresses negativity, the more they will stumble. Eventually, one may become like the twin boy who is unhappy and sad all the time. Ultimately, one’s negativity prevents them from enjoying today, the gift of the present.

So simply drive negativity out of your life and even though it might creep its way back, just stay focused to your goals because the law of attraction wants you to follow through on your deepest desires without losing focus and negativity is the biggest factor that will see that you don’t get it. For better measures, try out the manifestation magic download and learn new things.

Contrarily, one can choose to react to their given circumstances in a happy, appreciative, and pleasant manner. By simply expressing gratitude for all of their unique experiences and possessions, they empower their minds to accept more good things. In other words, they turn their stumbling rocks into gratitude rocks. They simply take the negative experiences as stepping stones to a brighter future and express gratitude for each moment.

How often do people prohibit their success because they do not believe in themselves? People are who they are today because of their predominate thoughts and choices yesterday; their tomorrow will be based upon their predominate thoughts and choices today. One must consistently live in the present to create more abundance and happiness – one cannot change the past for it is a memory; the future is an anticipation and is based on today. Winston Churchill stated, “You create your own universe as you go along.” The only true barrier that is ever in one’s pathway is their thoughts and emotions, for they are the energy that influence the immediate surroundings and that are the energy for creation!

Begin to visualize your future. What magnificent things will you accomplish and have? Create it by showing gratitude for what you have today. Think and ponder about your desires and then get to work. Your life of abundance and prosperity is waiting for you!