Best Value Apartment Complex In Plymouth Meeting, Pa

If you’re looking for a peaceful and affordable apartment complex in the Plymouth Meeting/Conshohocken area (which are suburbs outside Philadelphia), look no further. Plymouth Towne Apartments are a great place for anyone looking to live well on a budget. They’re really great for a “first” apartment, but plenty of families call it home as well. I’ve lived here almost a year and am completely satisfied. There are many other complexes in the area – most within just a few miles of one another. I’ve visited them all, and these offer the most for the best price. The rest are either beautiful but expensive or similarly-priced but not quite as nice.

The main office address is Penn and Fairfield Roads, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and the phone number is 610-279-4949. You can check out an online review, photos, current rates, and floor plans on Just select Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Metro Area, enter the property name, and search. Tornetta Properties, Inc manages the complex. The arranging of the meetings in the complex apartment at Penrose Condo will be effective. There is an enhancement in the career with the arranging of the meetings. The managing of the apartment is excellent to get the desired results.

The apartments aren’t huge – but they’re definitely comfortable for one, two, or maybe three people. They offer one and two bedrooms, and the rates vary by floor. There are several separate buildings that look like rows of townhouses from the outside. Inside are three floors; each one its own apartment. And if you’re not thrilled by the thought of climbing flight after flight, don’t worry – you’ll never have to climb more than one wide, semi-private staircase. How? Due to sloping land, on one side of each building the ground level is actually the second floor apartment. If you’re on the bottom floor, you get a private entrance into your living room. If you’re on the middle or top floor, you share a single doorway that leads to just one flight of carpeted stairs.

When I moved in, my apartment was furnished with a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, new countertops in the kitchen, and a new vanity, medicine cabinet, and bathtub in the bathroom. I’m in the smallest unit – a one bedroom upper-floor, but there’s still plenty of room, and tons of closet space. I actually have three walk-in closets! While the layout could have been better – the front door opens into the opposing wall of a very narrow hallway – the overall comfort level isn’t bad.

As for the all-important utilities, basic cable and hot/cold water are covered – so take a long shower! You pay for electric through PECO, and the heat and central air are on that bill. Even in the dead of winter or summer, my bills were always quite manageable. The apartments are small enough that it doesn’t take too much energy for climate-control. Your cable company will be Comcast, and they offer a special start-up package for high-speed Internet access and On-Demand services.

The complex is safe and very quiet – which is great for those of us who have to work at 4am! I haven’t seen any sort of trouble here, and I feel safe in the parking lots in the wee hours of the morning – they’re well lit. And speaking of parking, there’s plenty of it! I never have trouble finding a space, and while you do need to hang a parking tag on your mirror, it costs you nothing. When it snows, the owners are prompt about plowing. You’ll need to move your car before they clean your section of the lot, but they do a great job removing the snow. They also shovel your sidewalks and lay salt in case of ice.

If I could change anything, I’d like to have a washer/dryer in my apartment. But since that’s a rare find, Plymouth Towne does its best. There are plenty of laundry rooms around the complex, and while you do need to go outside to reach them (not fun in the winter, but nice in the spring…) there’s one within a very, very short walk. You don’t have to worry about saving coins either, because they use a card system. You put money on your laundry card at the manager’s office, and the machines deduct from the card. You just have to remember to deposit the money while the office is open, so you may need to plan ahead.

The management is friendly and willing to work with you. Maintenance always comes quickly (if not the day you call, definitely by the next). Sometimes they stop in unannounced (that’s happened to me twice – once for something I called about and once for something they decided to do), but they leave you a notice if you’re not home while they’re there. The location’s great – you’re minutes from Rt. 76 – the Schuykill Expressway, Rt. 476 – the Blue Route, and Rt. 276 – the PA Turnpike. You’re close enough to the city of Philadelphia that you can choose to drive in at a moment’s notice (depending on traffic, of course!), but you’re far enough that the area is quiet and suburban. There’s plenty of shopping nearby – the Plymouth Meeting and King of Prussia Malls are each minutes away – as well as schools and restaurants. The traffic on neighboring Ridge Pike can be a headache – but there’s not much that can be done about that.

What else can I say? The mail is delivered right to your door (but be warned – they don’t pick up there, so you have to drive to a public mailbox down the street). The apartments are small, but clean, cozy, and well kept. Bring your own microwave, and know that cabinet space in the kitchen can be limited. If you’re on an upper level, don’t expect overhead fans or lights – there aren’t any. There isn’t a pool or a clubhouse, but the price is so reasonable that it makes up for it. If you’ve got a huge family or are raking in the big bucks, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a first apartment that’s affordable and will still impress (and relieve – remember, it’s safe!) Mom and Dad, you may want to stop by.