Easy Weight Loss Tips

I am a 23-year-old living in New York City currently juggling a full-time job, an improv comedy school, and a fast-food eating boyfriend. You better believe I’m tempted by the evils of easily accessible junk food, and the beckoning of my hand-me-down couch. As a young person with a very busy schedule, it’s difficult to make healthy choices, but here are a few tips and these leptoconnect reviews I try to keep in mind. They must be effective because I’ve already lost five pounds in the last month! It’s not a drastic amount of weight loss, but it’s a healthy goal, even for those hoping to lose higher quantities of body fat.

1.) Eliminate white flour and other white foods from your diet –

It’s a bummer, I know, but thankfully there are so many delicious whole grain and whole wheat alternatives out there that you’ll barely miss your fluffy white wonder bread. Go through your kitchen and toss the white rice, flour pasta, white bread, flour tortillas, and any other white flour-based foods. Be aware that frozen dinners tend to use these white foods too – foods like hot-pockets and pizza rolls, though convenient and tasty, have to go. They are void of real nutrition and the body is conditioned to store crummy foods like these rather than burn them. The fiber in whole wheat alternatives is better for you, and easier on your digestive system.

2.) Cut out sodas and other sugary drinks –

You’ve heard it a million times. Sodas just aren’t good for you. They’re full of corn-syrup, sodium, and empty calories. Even the diet varieties are full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners that make your body react strangely. Drink water – and lots of it! Visit the office water cooler eight times a day. This gets you up and out of your desk too. It keeps you hydrated which means your body is less likely to confuse thirst for hunger and therefore will keep you from overeating throughout the day. If water bores you, mix it up with fresh fruit juice squeezed straight from grapefruits, lemons, and limes for a refreshing twist. Cut up cucumbers, limes, and fresh mint and add to chilled to spring water for a delightful summer drink that’s sure to have you thirsty for more.

3.) Vary your workouts –

Spending hours in the gym can be time-consuming and tiresome. Keep exercise fresh and fun by involving yourself in group classes and integrating interval workouts. Try a new class like cardio dance or pole dancing. These are great ways to motivate yourself to get sexy and have fun at the same time. Try yoga for a mental and strength-building workout. When running on the treadmill alternate speeds for an interval workout that burns 30% more calories than running at a steady speed. Try warming up by running one-mile at 5.8 MPH. After warming up, stretch, then hop back on the treadmill and alternate 4.0 MPH and 8.0 MPH every other minute. Try this for 15 minutes and you’ll feel great without having to spend an hour on the treadmill. Spinning classes work the same way.

4.) Pack your lunch –

You’ll make healthier choices and save money too. Packing lunches helps enforce portion control and keeps you from visiting the dreaded snack machines throughout the day. Try packing fresh salads with eggs or grilled chicken for a protein boost, and cut up fruit with flaxseed to munch on throughout the day. If you like salty snacks, mix raisins and peanuts for a homemade trail mix that’s full of protein and iron. Raw foods should make up around 50% of your daily intake, so pack up fresh veggies and fruits to eat throughout the day for a high-fiber diet that will keep you feeling full and energized. Also, making lunch at home can save a person between $30-$75 dollars a week. That really adds up over time!

5.) Invest in a bike or good walking sneakers –

This can prove especially helpful in a metropolitan area. Walking and biking to work can add extra physical activity to your day. This is a great way to start the day if you work a desk job where you’re mostly stationary for eight hours. Reebok and Sketchers have also created a new type of shoe that allows walkers to get the most out of their everyday hikes. Try these shoes for improved posture and shapely legs. They also promote weight loss!