Genevieves Notebook Tapping Into Your Intuition

Genevieve’s Notebook is a fresh new feature on Tarot Unlimited. It is advice from Genevieve’s Tarot Notebook just for you. Join me for insight from my notebook. Topics vary but they include Tarot, questions from clients, and common sense advice you can use!

Online tarot reading can provide you intuition that what will happen in the future. You need to know about different topics to predict the correct future related to you. There are different decks available in the tarot reading that you need to know and have the desired results.

“How do you tap into your intuition? What tools do you use? What is your technique?”

Tapping into your intuition isn’t complicated or complex. Anyone with at least five minutes can do it! The technique you use doesn’t matter. You can mediate, pray, sing, dance, cast a circle, or write whatever comes to you in the moment. The method you choose depends on what you are comfortable with doing.

Why five minutes? Because it takes time and practice to tap into your intuition. When you first start listening to your intuition, you are exercising mental muscles that were not used before. They take time to strengthen.

For the first time, I recommend a silent space and at least 15 minutes free time. Ask your question (Keep it to one for now.) and write whatever comes to you. Get it all on paper or record it: images, thoughts, quotes, jokes, colors, and lyrics, etc., make note of it. Don’t leave anything out. At this stage, everything is relevant.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your recording. Now is the time to piece the information you received with the question you asked. There will be some immediately useful advice. There will also be some advice that doesn’t fit right away. That’s okay. It will become relevant in the future.

The method I use is to write my question and wait for the answers to come. This takes anywhere from five minutes to half an hour. Depending on the questions I ask. Simple ones like, “What will happen tomorrow?” take less time than, “What should I do about X?”

Remember to stay calm and breathe while tapping into your intuition. Don’t access it if you are not calm. Intuitive information does not understand time frames. If you want to know what will happen in the next 3 months, include that time frame in your question.