The Insiders Point Of View On Popular Weight Loss Programs And Diets

You may think that food is food, but different foods have different effects on your body. For many people the equation is pretty simple. Eat less, you remain slim or you lose weight, eat more and you gain weight. But that is not the case. We need to consume a certain amount of calories every day to remain healthy. Americans spend over $42 billion on weight loss foods, services and products annually. With so much money at stake, it comes as no surprise that new ‘fad’ diet plans and weight loss programs keep popping up. But you should keep your wits about you because not all of them will have your health in mind.

To identify which programs and diets you can trust, you should follow these simple guidelines that will help you live a healthy life as well as maintain a healthy weight. These tips will help you identify a fad diet which may not be good for you.

It has claims that sound too good to be true. If they sound too good to be true, chances are that aren’t true at all. Many fad diets and programs give very rosy pictures of how much you can lose if only you take their program. The claims should always be realistic.

If it claims to have rapid weight loss in a very short duration of time. Losing a lot of weight in a short while is not at all healthy.

If it advertises a calorie intake of less than a thousand calories. Your body needs more than that to be healthy. Anything less than that would cause damage to your body, so you would lose weight at the cost of your body’s health.

If it states that a major food group needs to be eliminated, like grains, fats, meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables. All these foods have a very significant impact on our health.

If any essential nutrients are eliminated like carbs, proteins or fats – these are essential for your body to function well. Best Weight loss supplements to consider while making a purchase is to go for the ratings made by the customers who have already bought these supplements. 

The person who has written this fad diet has no experience or background in weight management or nutrition.

This is definitely not a good weight loss program if it advocates that no exercise is required. Exercise is a vital part of losing and maintaining your weight. This also helps in keeping fit and ensuring that many other diseases are kept at bay.

Effective Weight Management

Effective weight management should include certain modifications in our day to day behavior like:

Dietary Intervention:

This means changing the foods that you eat and your meal quantities as well the types of foods consumed.

Calorie Reduction:

If you are looking to lose weight, you need to review the foods you currently consume and the amount of calories that represent. If your diet is not healthy and has too many calories, your foods should be changed around so that you eat the healthy required amount each day.

Lower consumption of fats:

Fats are needed in our daily diet to keep our skin, hair and body healthy. But there are different kinds of fat which are either essential or are just not needed by our bodies.

Increasing your fruit, vegetable and whole grains intake. These are essential items needed for your body to naturally burn off your calories as well as help with metabolism.

No amount of reducing calorie intake or using dietary supplements can help you if you do not do any physical activities. Your body needs to exercise to work out the muscles as well as to keep fit.