How To Cure Bloated Tummy

A bloated tummy is a condition of the stomach that experiencing swelling or the addition of volume stomach. Patients usually feel the stomach full of such as eating certain foods, but actually patient does not eat anything. Bloated tummy usually accompanied by a feeling of nausea and want to vomit.

What causes bloated tummy

A bloated tummy is usually caused by daily food. Other causes usually because the food you a lot contain salt. Which must you take note that salt causes the retention of water so that every cell in your body fettered by water? If you at risk of disease blood pressure, then the preferably ranging from now stop the (lowering) the use of salt.

In general that the bloated tummy is caused because of your satiety after eating food in large quantities. However, types of certain foods can stimulate the emergence of gas in the stomach (intestine small), especially the sweet potato, so that if you consume sweet potato, then you will experiencing often fart. In order to get rid of their bloated tummy, people also prefer surgeries from surgeons like Dr. Masri. [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Dr. Masri is an experienced top rated Michigan’s plastic surgeon that can guide you through the complete surgical process.

Some eat maker bloated tummy

In addition to sweet potato, there are some certain foods who stimulate the emergence of gas in the stomach such as:


Carbohydrates usually lots of requiring of water, so that if you consume foods that lots of containing carbohydrates (nasi, wheat, gamdum), then you will feel satiety. To reduce the influence of carbohydrates is to mix it with other foods (protein), such as chicken and types of fish. Wary against foods that sweetened and containing sugar alcohols, such as mannitol, maltitol, and sorbitol. Types of sweet foods containing sugar alcohols in be trusted can stimulate the emergence of gas. But if using: aspartame, sucralose, and stevia are usually more secure because do not stimulates the production of gas inside the stomach. To stop the or minimize influence of gas in the stomach, then you should for a while avoid beverages containing soda and drinks carbonated.

Way stop the (treat) bloated tummy

If you very liked the food which lots of containing salt (salty), then it is suggested for reducing the use of salt, avoid fast food and processed foods. Although usually this case very burdensome you, but better be you remain must strive. Reduce the use of salt little by little.

If stomach bloating you are is caused by gas in the stomach then it tries to issue as much as possible (farting), however, if it turns out you not can fart, then it stimulate it on his stomach and raise the ass yours. Make sure you fart as much as possible.