Yoga Therapy For Back And Neck Pain Relief

Yoga in Sanskrit means union. The context is the union between body and soul. Both are related to each other to maintain balance. Yoga movements are come from India, then popular in Europe and Asia.

In yoga class is used to cure some diseases that are generally associated with body posture. Most cases of back pain, scoliosis, neck and shoulder pain. Posture problems usually come from the patterns of daily habits. Too much sitting or too frequent use of high-heeled shoes can cause pain in the lower back.

Many also are accustomed to bending and typing for hours until the shoulder and neck pain. Unlike regular yoga classes, therapeutic classes focus on a particular part of the complaint. Just like [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics, this kind of activities will help you relieve pain.

In the case of back pain, concentration movement is centered on the middle of the body. The point is to make your spine straighter and straighter pulled. Movement is generally chosen to use the rope as a tool.

Classes must be accompanied by a teacher of yoga therapy, because the movement is more difficult and must be done properly for the benefit obtained.


Because the beginning of the habit, yoga teacher in therapy sessions must also consider the habits of each participant of therapy. There are the participants to walk more onerous pedestal on the left leg. There are also participants to carry the load on the right shoulder that causes pain. The habit must be changed.

A therapy session is usually one hour, consisting of 8-12 movements depend on the needs and abilities. Overall, yoga consists of more than 200 motions. Some movements perform with tools such as rope, pillows, blocks, and chairs.

This tool is useful for beginners who can not do yoga perfectly. Also, it is to overcome the physical limitations of each person. That way, yoga can also be done every person without a certain age limit.

Because based on the mind, practicing yoga may not be careless. Each participant is required to be able to calm the mind and concentrate into the self. Unlike the noisy aerobics until our minds can go anywhere.