How To Figure Out Which Brand Name Designer Clothes Will Fit Me The Best

Almost every designer has a specific body type in mind when the new clothes hit the runway each season. Some styles will work on just about anybody type, but other styles flatter certain body types more than others. In order to figure out which [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Uk Wholesale Clothing designer’s clothes will fit you the best, you need to know your body type. Then you can find pieces, from almost any designer, in that style.

There are a few main body types that designers make clothes to fit. These are straight, pear, hourglass, apple, and full bust. Each of these body types is unique. Knowing your body type will help you determine which brand name designer clothes will fit you the best.

Straight Figures

Straight figures have very little variation in the bust, hip, and waist measurements. The three measurements are the same or only a couple of inches different. If this is your body type, then you should find designers who make classic shifts and fitted sheaths. A-line skirts and empire waist dresses also give the illusion that you have curves. To ensure a dramatic silhouette, you could wear a one-shoulder style. These are the best types of pieces to find for a straight body type.

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Pear Figures

Pear figures are fuller in the hips and waist, but they are smaller in the bust. Full A-line skirts can help to hide the hips on this body type. Dresses and tops that have fitted open necklines or are strapless are the best to accentuate the assets. Empire waist dresses pull everyone’s eyes to the smallest part of your body. This will hide the fullness of the hips and waist. Designer pieces in these shapes are best for a pear figure.

Hourglass Figures

Women with an hourglass figure are full in the bust and hips, and they have a smaller, defined waist. Dresses made from knit fabrics are best for this body type. Also, you should wear wrap dresses or classic sheaths. These dresses will hold on to the curves of your body. To have the best fit, you should check out styles that have an adjustable waist to them. This is the ideal body type; so many designers will have clothes that you can wear comfortably.

Apple Figures

Apple figures have their narrowest point right above their nature waist, right near their ribs. In order to ensure great style for this body type, empire waist dresses are suggested. These dresses cause everyone’s eyes to moving up the body to the smallest part. Having details around the neck of an outfit will bring the eyes upward too. This allows for the largest part of the body to be camouflaged. To create the illusion of an hourglass figure, you could wear an A-line sheath or a full skirt. Those make the waist look smaller and the hips are hidden. Apple-shaped figures are the easiest to create the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Full Bust Figures

Women who have full busts measure larger in the bust area than in the waist or hips. They typically want to draw the eyes away from the bust, so they can wear V-neck wraps and halter styles. This gives a slimming effect to the larger bust. You can also wear A-line skirts or full skirts. In order to balance out the bottom with the top, you can have some design or embellishment on the bottom of the skirt. This will draw the eye downward so everyone is not focusing on the bust.

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The best way to figure out which name brand designer clothes will fit you the best is to know your body type. There are specific items you should wear (or not wear) based on the shape of your body. Decide which shape you are; if you do not know, a knowledgeable salesperson in the store should be able to help you. Then you will know which pieces should be the best for you. Since there are some body types that all designers make their clothes for, you should be able to find pieces from different designers that will work in your wardrobe.