How To Win Every Fall Guys Game – Check Out These Tips

Fall Guys video game is an amazing way for players and gamers to have an entertaining time. You have to download this game to play. You can watch the online tutorials and articles to understand How to Download Fall Guys on PC.

After you have downloaded the game on your PC, you can get started with learning the game. You can look at some of the amazing tips to learn how to improve your game. There are currently 25 levels in Fall Guys, and this article will contain some tips on how to win the levels every time to play the game.

You must never do some things when you are playing fall guys if you want to win. According to the game experts, one must not jump as often as they think. When you are playing in a team and teaming up, the players must scatter and take different positions than staying in one place and doing the same thing. 

How To Win Every Fall Guys Game?

Defensive strategy

When you make it a point to defend yourself, you can win the game. The game will make it difficult for you to guard your eggs against other players. When you see an opponent trying to grab your egg, you should put the egg on the floor and grab it later when you have a freeway. 

Learn from other players’ mistakes

When you have started your game, you should watch other players carefully and see what mistakes they are making to avoid making those same mistakes. This will help you move ahead in the game in better ways than your opponents.

Stay at the front

It would be best if you always tried to stay on the front half of the platform through the fall guys game. This way, you will have a better chance to recover if you encounter a knock.

Fall mountain

Fall Mountain is the first level of Fall guys, and this level is well-loved by the players. In this level, when you approach the hammers, you should try to run in the way they are spinning and match their speed by slowing down. 


Hex-a-Gone is considered to be one of the most difficult games in Fall Guys. It would be best if you kept yourself calm and composed while playing it. In this level, you will have to use the driving feature. You will have to learn how to master it as it will save you from many difficult situations.


This level is where the players will have to exercise patience even when they cannot find any. It is advised not to jump to see that saws as it causes you to slip and fall. 

Dizzy heights

At this level, the players will have to look at the arrows and head the arrows. It would be best if you allowed the arrows to guide you. Even if you feel this route can be longer, you will find it faster and easier to follow.


In the tiptoe level, you should find the road that is less traveled. There are better chances to survive this way. 

Jump club

In the level Jump club, you will be tempted to grab on to your opponents. You shouldn’t do that if you want to win because you might fall if you hold on to them.

Fall ball

At this level, you will have to control your position. If you drop the goals, you will get a center circle position, which will result in faster action.

Rock and roll

The game experts suggest that if you want to win every time in fall guys, at this level, you should work as a team. Do not waste time and be cooperative.


This level is where you will have to check the scores. It is very important to check your score and see where the opponents are. You must check the points of the team that is closet to yours.

Many more levels will require you to stay focused, vigilant, and ready to win the game. These techniques and tips will make sure that you win the game each time you play. Learn How to Download Fall Guys on PC and get started today.