LED Grow Lights- Light Up Your Indoors with Brightness

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have all the privileges right from the day they are born into a wealthy family while others achieve their goals and become wealthy through sheer hard work and determination so that their coming generations are lucky to have the silver spoon that they couldn’t.

There is the argument of channeling your inner spirits and staying focused to your goals in life by harboring a fire of passion to succeed at all costs with a positive attitude because the path to success is filled with thorns and darkness all around while the bright light towards success is quite far.

Speaking of light, it is said to be faster than wind and mind that has a historical significance right from ancient times when it played a significant role for making newer breakthroughs although its origins vary as there are numerous sources that indicate its presence everywhere.


When it comes to historical significance, we all have read in our school books of how Sir Isaac Newton conducted an experiment where he held a prism in front of sunlight and discovered that it emanated the colors of rainbow when it passed through and is thus credited for this discovery.

Light Emitting Diodes is a term that very few people must have heard of but if you shorten it to LED, the doubts vanish because it is not only heard by everyone, but is used in our daily lives on a regular basis.

LED lights are said to be the source from a semiconductor that emanates light when passing through a current, which indicates that its main source is electricity and this experiment was practiced in 1962.

At that time, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today but the LEDs did give out light of extremely low intensity that were used in circuits that were controlled through variants in consumer electronics.

Where would we be if there was no light in our lives and the whole world would have been a dark venue where there was nothing to look forward to because you can’t see its beauty.

Light has worked as a metaphor for joy and happiness where you can feel strong emotional moments in life that give you the exuberance of a lifetime that cannot be put into words because the beauty of certain things lies in silence.

Light Up your Life

LED technology has risen up by several notches in the past few years but very few people know that cannabis is the main source for these lights and they are prominent enough to merit an entire report of their own but that is for another day.

Grow lights were not seen with the same lens and people found it difficult to mention it in the same sentence as LED but due to high quality performance, the perception changed and there is hardly any household today where you won’t find them.

It is now clear that LED is here to stay and even motor vehicles have now switched over to LED and given up on halogen due to the unnecessary expenses it caused, especially for bikes.

You might be having cheap LED grow lights for your indoor garden but there are 3 types of grow lights that deserve a mention:

  • Standard LED- They are around 5 to 6 watts per LED and are a mixed texture of blue and red, which has led to cannabis users coining it with the term ‘purple’ light
  • Chip on Board (COB) consist of hundreds of miniature LEDs in a small chip and is similar to the natural and original light emanating from the sun
  • There are small LED lights that you can spread out on a huge panel that are termed spread styled for better understanding