The Weight Loss Spa Vacations to Lose Those Excess Pounds

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could lose those last ten pounds while enjoying a mini-vacation in a spa like environment? Weight loss spas that promise to help make the task of weight loss easier and more pleasant have sprung up across the country. Here are some of the best weight loss spa vacations:

Weight loss spa vacations: Hilton Head Institute

The little island of Hilton Head off the coast of South Carolina offers a healthy weight loss boot camp in a luxurious, retreat setting. Based on sound principles of weight loss and healthy living, each participant learns the principles of lifestyle management, education, and lifetime nutrition. Meetings with a lifestyle coach give each attendee an opportunity to define their weight loss goals as well as choose specific educational tools to meet their needs. Classes include Pilates, kickboxing, beach walks, dance classes, strength training, yoga, and even healthy cooking classes. Plus, there are lots of amenities such as massage and body treatments to promote relaxation. Best of all the average guest who stays for two weeks loses anywhere from seven to fourteen pounds while relaxing on the beautiful resort island of Hilton Head. A medical spa treatment will offer plenty of benefits to the person. Different activities will be conducted like dancing and singing to keep the body healthy. Proper education should be provided about medical tolls available in the spas. Complete relaxation will be provided to the person to stay healthy ad fit. 

Weight loss spa vacations: The Pritikin Longevity Center

This healthy weight loss plan is based on sound medical principles. Upon arriving, you’ll undergo a complete physical including blood work and a cardiac stress test. You’ll have access to consultation with a variety of specialists in their fields including top notch nutritionists and exercise counselors. All of this taking place in a resort like, tropical paradise in Adventura, Florida. While at the center, you’ll participate in classes which emphasize the three essential components of a successful exercise program, aerobic, flexibility, and strength training. You’ll then enjoy the bountiful, yet nutritious food offerings that are chef quality creations without all the calories found in most spa food. There’s plenty of pampering including massages and specialized skin care treatments such as chemical peels and Botox injections. It’s a program for rejuvenation of both skin and body.

Weight loss spa vacations: Cooper Aerobics Center

This spa experience is based on the teachings of Kenneth Cooper, M.D, the father of aerobics. During this six day experience, you’ll start with a complete fitness evaluation and will have a customized workout designed to meet your needs. In addition to any one of almost eighty exercise classes, you’ll be treated to gourmet, heart healthy meals and luxury spa services such as massage, stone therapy, and facials. A variety of educational courses are offered where you’ll learn everything from relaxation techniques to how to eat healthy. You’ll emerge from your vacation refreshed and eager to continue your new healthy lifestyle when you return home.

If you’re looking for a fun way to lose weight and develop better eating and exercise habits, a weight loss spa vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.