Making Money Online with MySurvey.Com

I have been a member of for almost ten years. is a survey website that sends out surveys to be completed by its’ members in exchange for money or other rewards. The money that I have received from this survey site is not a lot, but it is enough to maybe pay a bill or two if I am consistent at completing the surveys that sends me each month. is free to join. There are no fees associated with this site. I would not have joined this survey site if there was a cost to join. In order to become a member of the site, I had to register an account with them. Basically, they asked for my name, address, birth date and email address.

When I first started out, I received a few surveys per month. After being a member for quite some time, I started receiving survey invitations almost daily. Survey invitations are sent to my email account. When I open the email, I can click on the link to go to the website, where the survey is available for me to take.

I do not always qualify for every survey they send out, which means I do not get any points. However, I may be given a chance at having my name put in a drawing for a sweepstakes even if I do not receive points. If I am qualified to complete a survey, then I will receive a certain number of points when the survey is completed. The balance of points will add up until I reach enough points to cash out.

When my account reaches a certain amount of points, usually 1100 points, (equal to $10), I am then able to cash out and receive my reward. Rewards that are available on this survey website are cash, which is given as a check or added to a PayPal account, and gift cards. Also, there are rewards in many different categories, such as items for the home, pets, video games, personal care and much more. I have only requested cash or a gift card. I have always been paid and never had any problems with receiving payment from

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Every now and then, I will receive a survey to test a product in my home from A product will be sent to my home for me to try out and then do a follow up survey about the product. I am usually given more points for at home product testing. Also, I have been invited to participate in group discussions online about a particular idea or product and have been paid anywhere between $25 to $75 for the discussion. has surveys that range in different topic. Some surveys, I will be asked questions on topics such as cars, household products, food, beverages and restaurants. The surveys I have completed are usually between ten minutes up to a half hour long. The only negative thing I have to say is that I find it is hard to qualify for many surveys. So, it does take awhile for my points to add up. However, it is a convenient way for me to make a little bit of extra spending money or money to pay a bill, without having to leave my home.