Top 5 Reasons People Check-in to Foursquare

Foursquare has evolved into a mania nowadays measuring thousands of daily active users. Being a web and mobile location-based social networking site, users check into their favorite café, bar, restaurant or any other location they are currently in gaining points and leveling up in the Foursquare society. The more they check-in, the more points they gain; for some is just a game while for others is much more. Here are the top 5 reasons people check-in to Foursquare.

  1. Badges

Foursquare developers have cleverly realized the significance of badges. Badges and mayoralty make the game intriguing and addictive boosting the fun to the limits. The idea is simple; every time users check-in a place, they gain one point. The more points they accumulate, the higher they climb into the Foursquare hierarchy getting rewarded with shiny badges such as the ‘Explorer’, ‘Superstar’ and ‘Rocker’. But the objective is only one; to gain the ‘Mayor’ badge. Becoming the City Mayor is the ultimate reward and the only way to gain it is to check-in a specific location as often as possible to accumulate the more points than any other user. But there is a catch; once a player becomes the Mayor has to keep on signing into their territory to retain the badge.

  1. Discounts and Rewards

Foursquare has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. Mouth-to-mouth advertising is undoubtedly the best and companies know that well. Foursquare players do not simply check-in places; they write their own reviews sharing their favorites drinks, dishes or DJs. For that reason, the biggest companies with Starbucks on the lead are offering special discounts and rewards to their Mayor. The mayorship rewards have significantly increased the check-in ratio with players trying to win the so wanted Mayor badge and gain access to the special discount program.

  1. Recognition

The leader players are the best and most trustful source for honest reviews. Foursquare users often contact the Mayors or high-level players to ask their opinion about a specific place or its top goods. Moreover, it is highly common for Mayors to create events and meet-ups to share their favorite tastes with friends and Foursquare contacts. Being a Foursquare Mayor is the new trend and everybody wants to be a part of it.

  1. The Ultimate Proof

Is your girlfriend jealous? Does your mom want to know exactly where you are? If you want to prepare the perfect crime and need an alibi, then Foursquare is ideal for you! Check-in a venue and verify your current location anytime, anyplace.

  1. Find the Trendiest Places

Want to know what is hot? Then sign into Foursquare and find the trendiest venues. Check where your friends are and join them. And if you are having a good time, write your own review and it will be automatically posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.

Foursquare is increasing in popularity lately with fanatic registered users worldwide. Simple and addictive, Foursquare is now one of the most popular networking sites. Whatever the reason is, do not waste time and join its vast community.All you need to do is to thoroughly go through this list and understand why foursquare is so important due to its fan following bordering on obsession being the talk of the town and with social media, it has only gone better and better.