Minecraft Realms – Personal Lala Land

Minecraft is a sandox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language and was initially released on 17 May 2009. Minecraft is a virtual game where an individual can create his own world. There are no rules. The game world can be a representation of the real world or a player can create his own new world from scratch this is what makes the game different from all the other virtual games. It is one of the most popular video games amongst the players.

To play the game you need a server now this is where the Minecraft server comes into the picture. Server hosting minecraft is a player-owned or business owned multiplayer game server. If you are new to the Minecraft world you can play by making use of Minecraft Realms and create your own world rather than using your own Minecraft server which can be a lot to handle as a beginner. 

What is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms are personal multiplayer server provided by Minecraft itself it saves you the time and technical knowledge required to host and create your own private Minecraft server. You can create your own world or add an existing world to your Realms and invite your friends to play with you. Your gaming space is online 24/7 and can only be accessed by the players that you allowed into your realms it is protected from the other players on the internet. Realms is your own gaming space or server, no player can enter your server without your prior permission. Realms is available on Xbox, One, PC, Nintendo Switch and various other mobile devices you can access your realms through any of these devices from anywhere and at any time provided your same Minecraft account is logged in, in your mobile device.   

How to host a Minecraft Realms Server?

Minecraft provides its users a personal space or server for those who have zero knowledge of creating one or for beginners. Realms plus, provided by the Mojang, is a subscription-based service, wherein the host has to buy a subscription of $7.99 a month. The subscription provides you your server wherein you can invite your friends to play. It gives you the freedom of inviting 10 players to the server only the host is liable to pay the amount of the subscription and not all the players gaming on the server. Realms provide its subscribers monthly new content, which makes Minecraft interesting for its users. After buying the subscription from the Minecraft, you can name your server as per your desire and add your world (a new world from scratch or an existing world) and then you can invite your player to your person served provided by Minecraft. 

There is an option of creating your service but using Realms is a better option for beginners as it saves you from the complications of creating and running your server. To host your own server you need a lot of technical knowledge and a powerful PC to host your server. Hosting your server from your home address can drag you into different types of complications. Realms is a server hosting minecraft for you which subtracts various complications.

Cost of Minecraft Realms:

Realms is a subscription-based service provided by the Minecraft. The subscription amount is based on the package you select and depending upon the players you want on your server. A $7.99/month subscription allows you to invite 10 players on your server at a time whereas a $3.99/month subscription allows you to invite 2 players on your server when rest all the features remain same on both of the subscription packs. If you are new to Minecraft and are buying realms subscription for the first time it allows you a 30 days free trail before it starts charging you for the server.

Inviting friends to you Minecraft Realms Server:

Inviting friends to your minecraft realms server is quite easy all you have to do click on the edit button next to your real world, and then select members. You should now be able to see all the list of the players on your server you can send new requests to new players from there or remove the unwanted players from your server. You can full authority and control over your server. 

You can make new changes or edit your realm anytime you want; there is no restriction. All you have to do is click on the edit button on your existing realm and make the changes you desire to do. You can change the game mode, redo your world, or create a new world all over again on the Realms server. You can also change the name of your world as per your preference at any time.