Plano and Arlington Dental Implants

At Premier Family Dentistry, our dental implants will improve your smile and give you a whole new look.This procedure offers you a great way to restore your teeth and replace any missing, rotting, decayed, or damaged teeth.

Your smile is the first thing that people notice and if you are not confident in its appearance then it may be time to try a restorative procedure to help you gain the look you’ve always wanted. Implant dentistry in Plano and Arlington, Texas helps patients achieve optimal dental health and well-being. Knowing your teeth are in good health and working properly is the first step in the right direction.

What is an Implant?

Natural teeth can encounter all kinds of issues over time. Decay, gingivitis, gum disease or even just injury can throw off your smile and comfort. Sometimes a root canal can’t save a tooth. A restorative implant solution is a wonderful alternative to bridges or dentures. A titanium prosthetic root is implanted into your gum and bone socket replacing your natural tooth root and when connected to a new tooth they become permanently fixed teeth.

How do they work?

The procedure and process are fairly straightforward. A titanium prosthetic root is placed inside your bone socket where your missing tooth once resided. Over time, the fake root will bond with the tissue, gum, and jawbone area. Once it’s prepared and has fused successfully with your natural bone, an abutment is placed on top of the root. Then, a fake tooth that was created to match your teeth is attached on the top; this new tooth is referred to as a crown.

Impressions and shaping the color and size of your teeth to create the perfect crown as a replacement tooth.The tiny titanium post is placed inside the bone socket and time is allotted for fusion.The abutment is placed on top as a post connector for the crown and root.The crown is attached in place, and you have a natural looking new tooth!

Why is this Procedure Important?

If you are missing teeth, it can create a lot of oral health issues down the road. If you miss a tooth for a long time, bone loss can develop if the missing tooth isn’t replaced with a new one. The bone will deteriorate and cause the foundation of the jaw to change. This deterioration can change facial structure, bite, and how the jaw closes. Replacing the missing tooth keeps the bone intact and healthy and the teeth functioning as they should.

Missing teeth can also hurt the surrounding gum tissue and your bite. When you have a full set of teeth you can eat, speak and smile with confidence.

No need to hide your teeth anymore! If you get this procedure, your teeth will match and look natural like a normal smile would. You can eat without worrying about a denture or a bridge being loose or sliding around! Your teeth will look natural, and your smile will be radiant. When you have this, you should always make sure to properly take good care of your teeth. You can use products like Steel Bite Pro for  healthier teeth.

When you can eat properly and chew your food right, eating becomes pleasurable again, and you can maintain your proper nutrition. As far as your oral health, having this procedure will prevent bone loss and bite issues.

This procedure can last a lifetime if the teeth are cared for properly. It has a high success rate, and you rarely have to have any repairs or restorative procedures in addition to the original procedure. Just treat your prosthetic teeth daily to flossing, brushing, and routine dental cleanings.

How Long Will it Take?

This procedure can be ongoing and takes place over a certain period due to the fusion process that is needed for the post and the bone to bond. It is important to have a firm foundation to complete the transition seamlessly. It can take a few months to finish this full procedure, but you can go about your life normally in between appointments.

A review of your health will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. The best way to find out is to cover all your options during a consultation with our dentists.

If you have had a missing tooth for a while and had bone loss, your dentist may be able to graft development of bone in that area to create support for this procedure. At Premier Family Dentistry, we provide 3D scans to measure the thickness and quality of bone where your implant is placed. For most of the multiple implant cases, Dr. Song performs fully guided surgery with full accuracy from computer programmed technology. We have great options and services for your restoration plan.