Muscle Burn Fat Feed The Muscle To Burn The Fat

Why don’t you ask twenty people what type of workout they should be performing to burn body fat fast and increase their metabolism and they will most likely say the same thing. That you need to perform about one hour of some type of moderately-paced aerobic exercise for 4-5 times per week to burn body fat fast.

They will probably also say you that the more moderately-paced aerobic exercise you perform the better your results will be. So according to this theory performing moderately-paced aerobic exercise everyday would be the best method to burn body fat fast. The consumption of the junk food is reduced for the benefit of reduction in the weight. The intake of the best fat burner for women will reduce the fat from the body of women. The burning of the fast fat is offering the desired results to the females. 

People believe this theory because for many years it has been drilled into their heads by the mainstream media and health care professionals. We have all heard this before, if you want to burn body fat fast performing moderately-paced aerobic exercise at a certain target heart rate and stay at that heart rate for about forty to sixty minutes, 4-5 times per week is the most effective way. This is definitely not the best way to burn body fat. I am here to tell you that you have been lied to and that there is a better way to burn body fat fast.

You will be burning some body fat while you are running to endlessly on a treadmill, but you won’t get the lean nice beach body with this type of exercise alone. Actually, this type of exercise can be counterproductive if burning body fat is your goal. Some of the reasons for this are:

Performing long moderately-paced aerobic exercise uses your stored body fat for as the main source of energy during the sessions. This can actually make your body create more body fat in reserve after you completed the workout so the body will be ready for your next workout. You definitely don’t want this to happen if your goal is to burn body fat fast and get very lean.

What’s worse, this type of exercise when done frequently may also speed up your body’s aging process by increasing inflammation.

The most efficient workout method to increase your metabolism to burn body fat faster is to add lean muscle to your body through resistance training. Remember that muscle burns fat. If you want noticeable fat burning results in the quickest possible time, then you need to add lean muscle to your body. Muscle burns fat so when you build muscle you burn fat, turning your body into a fat burning machine that will burn body fat even when you sleep.

If you were to consume the same amount of calories that allow you to maintain your current bodyweight, but you build some lean muscle on your body, you will need to feed some of those calories you’re eating to the new muscle, creating a calorie deficit in your body. So when you build muscle your body will automatically burn fat to feed muscle.

In addition, when you stimulate your muscles with proper weight training, the muscle repair process will use some of your stored body fat to help your muscle recover. This calorie deficit combined with the muscle repair process will help you burn body fat all day long. You will even get these fat burning effects when you’re sleeping.

Good weight training program will also increases your heart and lung’s capacity. By placing intense demands on your body, you are forcing it to be ready for anything you throw at it. This will make you more resistant to cardiovascular problems that kill many people each year, even those that perform aerobic exercise frequently.

The great thing about this is that you do not have to spend endless hours working out each week to burn body fat; you can actually get all the benefits I just mentioned by done with 3 weekly strength training workouts that are about thirty minutes long.

So you will not have to turn your life upside down to make this type of exercise part of your life, and it will help keep you lean and feeling great without having to spend hours at the gym each week. So go on and build that muscle to burn that nasty body fat for good. Like I mention in my Fat Burner IQ program, to burn body fat you need to learn how to work smarter and not harder.