Paradigm 7101 ACTIV cycle Motorized Exercise Cycle Review

If you see an exercise bike priced below $110 would you buy it? Most people think that low price means low quality and most of the times they’re right. But would it be true if an exercise cycle priced so low?

The answer is no. An exercise cycle uses less material than an exercise bike so it’s only natural if it’s priced cheaper than a bike. It is mainly a flywheel with pedals and LCD display.

The bike I’m talking about is the Paradigm 7101 ACTIV cycle Motorized exercise cycle. Here are some of the good and bad points of this bike.


As mentioned above the price is one of the main selling points of this exercise cycle and also one of its strong points. Many people are not inclined to buy a $1000 exercise bike or even a $500 one. Their argument is that the bike may be put aside to the garage in a couple of months once they are bored with it. But since this exercise cycle only cost less than $110 that kind of argument is kind of moot. After all if you ditch it after three months that means you’re only spending about $35/month for it. That’s cheap.

Another good point for this exercise cycle is that it comes pre-assembled. If you buy an exercise bike you will need to spend time reading the assembly guide, scratching or banging your head. With the Paradigm 7101 ACTIVcycle you can start rolling after getting it out of the box. It’s compact so you can store it almost anywhere and it’s light too. It only weighs 12.5 pounds. Even a 4-month baby weighs more than that.

The next good thing is that it has no seat. If you shop around for a cheap exercise bike, that cost less than $200, you can be sure that the seat will be hard on your bottom. With an exercise cycle you can sit comfortably on your favorite couch, put the cycle in front of you and start exercising.

Unlike an exercise bike an exercise cycle can also be used to to exercise your arm and shoulder. Just put the cycle on a table and you can start exercising.


An exercise cycle is only made for people who need light exercises. So if you need harder workout this is definitely not for you.


If you have arthritis or you’re recovering from leg/arm injury and need a good way to get back in shape the Paradigm 7101 ACTIVcycle motorized exercise cycle would make a great choice. Since it’s motorized it’s really light on your arm and leg and won’t cause strain or even more injuries. For you to utilize exercise cycle more effectively, it is also important that you have the knowledge about the process. For more reliable information, you can visit