Social Media Internet Marketing – Free 10 point checklist

Why are you contemplating social media internet marketing ? 

If you can’t answer that question with a comprehensive, strategic answer, then this article will help you understand social media internet marketing so you won’t waste your money.

A recent Social media internet marketing research report found that “having a presence on social networks” was the top priorities for media planners. When asked to specify the results were vague noises of viral video, being on Facebook and tweeting. 

A social media presence is not a strategy. It is an excuse for not understanding social media internet marketing, not having a plan, and not having goals for success

Meanwhile spending on social media sites keeps going up exponentially, with many companies taken in by the hype and asking you to follow them on Twitter, read their blog, become their friend on Facebook … and to like them. Why it’s Important to Buy Facebook Likes and Followers for Business? Yes, it is for the promotion of the brand and products. The information from the blogs and search engines are the effective one to increase the sale of the business. Along with it, the promotion can be done in the other social media platform. The importance of the likes and followers are high to meet with the requirements. 

We have developed a social media internet marketing checklist for you , to help you plan and develop social media internet marketing strategies.

What is your purpose …

What are you trying to achieve ? Are you looking greater brand awareness, for more leads, conversions and more sales ? 

Target your audience …

be it age, region, gender, interest group, or You want to build stronger relationships with prospects. You want to reach a niche market. Be specific

What type of social media will help you best achieve your goals …

blogs, real-time updates (e.g., Twitter), social news sites, media-sharing sites, review/directory sites, virtual worlds, or display ads on social media sites

Explore which specific type of social media internet marketing works best for you …

Social Networks, An online community of people that share interests, Facebook, MySpace

Blogging (and Microblogging) A journal-style website of frequently updated information (microblogging is publishing brief text messages), WordPress, Twitter

Social Bookmarking, allows users to save and share web pages they find,, Digg, Configure your blog or website to enable visitors to spread important content

Media Sharing, Enables the sharing of photos and videos, Flickr, YouTube, take photos and video and publish them to media sharing sites.

Social Reviews, Allows for review

User Generated Content (UGC) information guides written by the end users

You have to be prepared to give of yourself to encourage participation …

Appoint someone specifically to maintain your social media presence. Participating in social media takes a lot of work. You must have something of value to say and say it on a regular basis. Do you have the resources to continue and keep up the social contact ? Be specific with your goals and the time devoted to them. Make it a 5 year plan.

Integrate your social media internet marketing into your overall marketing/communications strategy … Social media is not an appendage, It has to be part of your larger marketing and communications strategy, and integrate it into your organisation and its philosophy. 

Set goals and measured success levels …

You have to be able to measure what constitutes success. You can measure the views, the number of followers, comments, or subscribers. What are you going to do if you don’t achieve these goals ?

Budget and allocate a reasonable amount for this marketing venture. Be aware of the time cost for everyone involved.