The best adventure maps Minecraft

There are so many adventure maps one can play on Minecraft. Adventure maps are self-contained Minecraft experiences that involve building and more of exploring as well as fighting while using their unmigrated full access Minecraft accounts. They are frequently full of traps, secrets, puzzles and offer single as well as multiple players. The best thing about Minecraft games is the community industrious, and there are thousands of them out there at your disposal and most of them are superb.

Below are several adventure maps you can try. It’s good to understand that each of the adventure maps has its particular rules as well as setting hence need to familiarize themselves with successive playing.

This adventure map was very attractive last Halloween. The adventure works of HD pixel being one of the community’s most respected mappers. He map has things to find, that include

If you will be trying any map hence keep an eye on this as it’s regarded as one of the best adventure maps. The adventure map is designed to be played by friends, but still, you can play solo.

If you are in the quest of getting fit then, you are not going to manage it in front of your PC. If you are among those who pretend to be very fit then, this parks our action is the best for you in the street, up to your tower, across the rooftop as well as around the edges. I happen to cover the map last year when it has more than 300,000 downloads. The map acquired its inspiration from a video game series.

The map features most of the impressive builds in the collection with minigames as well as its soundtrack. Tourist features the longest adventure map clocking around 4 hours, but the mileage varies depending on how long the player want to spend starting the game.

The high fantasy adventure map, this is the Kingdom of the Sky that adds the novel concept of the narration providing the series of YouTube audio recording videos. The links to the video are accessible to the players at key points during the map. It involves a little bit of listening to the audio logs in the system shock as well as Bio shock. You can carry on paying as you narrate chats.

It features labor of love with its sci-fi map that was created taking three months to build. It transforms Minecraft into a new remarkable difference. The game involves searching for wanted criminal Dr. Earl S. Testudine. The criminal hides in the mining station beyond Tarsus 3. The player catches him with the use of wits as well as ingenuity.