Steam Hydration Treatments For Natural Hair

For years I have been wearing my hair natural and straight, I struggled to understand why I could never achieve the effect I was going for the long term. I would frequently straighten my hair and go outside and almost instantly my hair would revert back to its natural state. I tried many different stylists who claimed to have a green thumb and that they could make my hair look as if I had it chemically straightened. Unfortunately, nothing ever worked. Until that is I visited a local hair salon and received a steam hydration treatment for the very first time.

Why Hair Needs Moisture

Water is essential to life in general, and it is no different with hair. According to The Science of Black Hair, water is the “ultimate moisturizer.” African American hair is both naturally moisturized and porous, an imbalance that can cause problems for many, such as hair breakage and dandruff. The trick is really to seal the moisture in and to protect it from damage.

Spa treatment for hair?

There are several medical Spa out there that are really effective with hair treatments. Medical Spa located in New Providence is one of the finest that you will find. If you need hair treatment then you can try these out as well.

What is a Steam Hydration Treatment?

A steam hydration treatment is a form of deep conditioning for hair that, as its title suggests, utilizes steam and heat as the catalyst for change and movement. In a typical conditioning treatment, conditioner is applied to the hair followed by a plastic cap. The client then sits under the dryer for 5 to 15 minutes and would then have the conditioner rinsed out of their hair. With steam hydration treatments, the process is similar; the only difference is that instead of a dryer you would sit under the hair steamer. Although the processes are almost identical the results are astronomical. This is primarily because with a typical conditioning treatment the conditioner just coats the outside of the hair without truly permeating the scalp and hair shaft. In a hydration treatment, the steam and heat cause the hair shaft to expand, thereby allowing the conditioner to truly seep in and do what it was designed to do. This produces hair that is moisturized and because it is not seeking moisture styles hold longer

Where can I get a Steam Hydration Treatment?

Many salons that serve African American clients in a large city or metro area should offer this service. There is usually an additional cost for the service, which is generally used to cover the cost and maintenance of the machine. Most salons will charge $10 to $30 on top of regular service fees for this treatment.

Can I do this at home?

Many websites and bloggers have detailed information on how to achieve the same results at home, many of them without actual hair steamer. These processes work to create that steam effect by using wet towels wrapped around the hair and the standard home hooded dryer.