The Most Important Thing to Remove from Your Diet to See Significant Health Gains

If you knew you were regularly consuming an item that put you at an increased risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, you would want to stop immediately, right? What if removing that item from your diet meant it could help you lose weight while strengthening your bones and your teeth? That’s just all the more reason to take this item out of diet! Well, if you are sitting at your computer right now drinking a soda, you may want to think twice about your soda habit because removing soda from your diet can have a significant improvement on your health.

First, if you are drinking your soda out of a can, you may not realize that most soda cans are lined with BPA (bisphenol A), a synthetic estrogen used to harden plastics and make items shatter-proof. While many people only associate plastics with BPA, it is used in cans to extend the shelf life of the soda. BPA is harmful to developing fetuses, infants, and is linked to infertility, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Second, drinking soda weakens your teeth and bones. If you want a pretty smile, put down your soda right now! Soda delivers a double blow to your teeth because it contains both sugar and acids that soften teeth. Many sodas, regardless of if they are diet or regular, contain phosphoric and citric acid. These are used to provide a tart or sour flavor. Once the enamel on your teeth erodes, it leaves your teeth more sensitive and susceptible to decay. Phosphoric acid also has been shown to limit calcium absorption into the body. You need calcium for strong bones, so even if you are eating a healthy diet, the soda you consume may work against you. Osteoporosis research points out that women who regularly drank soda (any type of it), had a bone mineral density almost four percent lower than those who did not drink it.

This is alarming news for people that are soda addicts and is enough to see the grave repercussions that it can have on the body because you don’t know what lies in store for old age due to calcium deficiency. Just make sure that you have Trusted CoolSculpting Specialists serving Old Bridge to give your body an image makeover.

Third, there is no nutritional value in soda. If you regularly drink a 12-ounce can of soda, you are consuming on average 160 calories! Those extra calories quickly lead to extra pounds. Are you off the hook if you drink diet soda? Surprisingly, research shows that people who consume diet soda (rather than water), actually gain more weight! The reason why is because the artificial sweeteners used in the diet soda actually increase your craving for sweet foods. It keeps your brain wanting more sweets, and so you are more tempted by that donut if you are a diet soda drinker than if you are a water drinker!

Fourth, drinking soda regularly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Soda consumption is linked to weight gain, specifically in the belly area, which is a major risk factor for this disease and also for heart disease. The added sugars in soda can quickly add up, and many people may not consider the calories in them when watching their caloric intake.

Lastly, if you or anyone you know has ever suffered from painful kidney stones, then soda should be the furthest thing from your drinking glass! Phosphoric acid in sodas changes the way kidneys process urine and can put you at an increased risk for developing kidney stones. Both diet and regular sodas contain phosphoric acid, so there is no “safe” soda to consume it if you want to avoid kidney stones.

Soda is so readily available in our culture that we rarely take the time to consider what is in it or how it affects our health. It is also easy to remove it from our diet and replace it with healthy, thirst-quenching, calorie-free water. If you are transitioning from soda to water, consider flavoring your water with lemon and fresh cut fruit (like strawberries) to get a little natural sweetness. Before long, your soda habit will be long gone along with a few pounds!