Weight Training for the Adolescent

If you have let your child play as my previous article suggested, then you should have a sufficiently developed adolescent to really start training. The should have developed flexibility, relative strength (strength based on body weight), speed, agility, power, and balance. Since these have been developed you now have a solid base to work with and start training your adolescent with more advanced training regimens.

The first thing you will do when you work with an adolescent is to sit down and see what their goals are for this training. Once you know these goals you can properly lay down your plan or road map to reach the goal. When it comes to weight room training at this stage in the participants life you still want to be on the side of safety. Teach them the exercises in the program with just the bar and make sure they develop sufficient technique before you start progressing them. If you are not sure of proper technique there are many books and videos on the subject. If the adolescent is training for sports you should look at Olympic lifting videos and power lifting videos. These to strength and power sports require the best techniques either for their competitions or they translate the best to the athletic field. If they adolescent is training for aesthetic purposes then reading up on bodybuilding techniques might be the best idea. All of these techniques can be used for any number of reason and they all have originated from the same background. Once a solid technical base has been achieved (this may take a few weeks up to a few months depending on the lift and the person learning) then you can start setting up an even more organized training program to develop the adolescent. For weight loss, the selection of the pre workout canada products can be done. Either it is training program or not, the intake will offer the desired benefits. Along with the males, females can consume the pills for boosting stamina. Proper research can be conducted at online sites for the purchase of the best one. 

Normally you would look into using a typical linear periodization model to train the adolescent. This will work really well through the first few years of training. If you do not know what linear periodization is, it is a system of setting up your training phases to reach certain strength goals. This system works well for whatever purpose you want. The first phase may be an endurance phase. During this time the adolescent will perform high repetitions (15-50) with very good for and a pretty short rest. If this person is training indefinitely you can set up how long this phase will last. After this phase you will most likely progress into a hypertrophy phase. This size will be used to gain a lot of muscle. The repetitions will fall between 8-15 and you will take approximately60-90 seconds of rest between sets. This is pretty close to what bodybuilders will use most of the year. The next progression would be a strength phase. During this phase heavier weights will start being used for 5-8 reps with a 2-3 minute rest. This phase will also allow for a lot of muscle to be put on the adolescent assuming the diet is made in such a way to do so. The last phase is normally a Pure strength Phase in which you will perform you big lifts for 1-3 reps per set and take 3-6 minutes in between sets. During this phase you must take proper steps to help the adolescent recover since this will be extremely taxing on the body. This is normally the last phase and you would go back and repeat the process again. if you are training a strength and power athlete you may want to cut out or shorten the endurance phase and add in a power phase after the pure strength phase. In this phase you will still use 1-3 reps per set but at a much lighter load, attempting to move the weight as fast as possible.

These steps can be used for many of the adolescent years and make very good progress while preparing the body for more advanced techniques as they get older. With a good teacher, their technique should be flawless and the amount of injuries sustained during this time should be very minimal if any. The adolescent goes through many changes with the body and will get strong fast. This is probably the best time to train an adolescent because you make a lot of mistakes in the training and still look like an awesome personal trainer. Have fun with these groups of kids.