Why Cleaning House Will Not Shrink Stomach or Burn Fat

Once again, the “Clean Your House” camp is at it, thrusting out this absurd advice to people who want to lose weight, shrink their stomach and burn enough fat to change their body.

Recently, the “10 Gut Busters” list came out and is all over the Internet, and one of the weight loss and stomach shrinking guidelines is to “Clean your house.” I’m a certified personal trainer, but long before I became a personal trainer, I recognized the deep flaw in this idea that cleaning the house can produce weight loss or flatten the stomach.

The biggest flaw that should pop out to anybody who wants to lose weight, increase fat-burning or lose belly fat, is that you are being told to do something (“Clean your house”) that you ALREADY do! This is a constant, not a variable!

So how is something, that you’ve already been doing, going to suddenly cause weight loss or burn stomach fat? This has got to be one of the dopiest approaches to weight loss in decades!

And if cleaning the house suddenly means weight loss, then why not tack everything else you do in a day onto the fat-burning equation? How about taking a shower and washing your hair? Those burns calories, no?

How about shaving, styling one’s hair, trying on clothes at the store, making bread, grooming the dog, changing a diaper, walking around at the office and anything else you do in a typical day?

Good grief! Living burns calories. If you want to stay in denial and make excuses not to engage in consistent, structured cardiovascular and resistance exercise, then keep on telling yourself that you can take any task that you’ve already been doing in daily living, and magically make that a variable in your life that causes weight loss and burns stomach fat!

So now that you believe that housework counts as weight loss exercise, you can now magically make all the other things you do every day cause weight loss, like dressing your preschooler, unloading the groceries, carrying around your attaché case and blow drying your hair!

Denial does not cause weight loss nor shrink the waistline. In order to burn more fat and lose weight, you must impose a training stimulus (demand) upon your body that it is not accustomed to, such as sustained jogging or workout out with weights.

Unless you’ve had live-in maid service all your life, your body is already very accustomed to cleaning the house! Why NOW would it suddenly cause weight loss or flatten your abs?

To burn lots of fat, lose weight and shrink your stomach:

Get to the gym. Hit the machines, barbells and dumbbells. Get outside and jog or briskly walk with pumping arms. Take a fitness class. Pedal hard. Jump. Sprint on a track. Run the bleachers. Dash up hills. Move to a workout DVD. Alternate pushups with mountain climbers. Please, people, get the picture!

“Extra fat-burning ain’t gonna happen” with cleaning the house! It is more possible to lose weight and burn fat by taking resurge reviews than by just simply cleaning the house. There are several effective ways to lose weight and burn fat and cleaning your house even the entire day si certainly not one of those.