What Are The Benefits And Risks Associated With Using Cbd Oil For Dogs?

With the increasing culture of the use of CBD oil for dogs, a need for awareness of the benefits and risk factors of CBD oils is generated. The lack of research and study in this relatively new field and arena of the medicinal usage of CBD makes it a little difficult to great extract the effects of these products on dogs, however, scientists have been successful in listing down a few benefits and risks associated with the usage of CBD oils. The benefits of using CBD oils in dogs are-


In several clinical trials, CBD oils have proved to be successful in reducing seizures in dogs as compared to other medication drugs making them useful in relaxing the muscles and mind of dogs. CBD oils reduce seizures in humans that are unable to attain treatment through anti-seizure medications and since the nervous system and structure of dogs is similar to that of humans, CBD oils have similar effects on dogs.


Dogs that suffer from underlying issues such as cancer, arthritis, or other ailments that further cause pain and inflammation can be treated using CBD oils. CBD oils work directly on the nervous system and hence acts as a pain killer by numbing the pain and relaxing the inflammation proving relief to dogs. Studies on rats suggest that CBD oils help in the reduction of inflammatory pain in animals and also help in treating nerve pain, swelling, and bone pain that is caused due to cancer.


Since CBD oils work directly on the central and the peripheral nervous systems it is easy to control the psychological tension that causes anxiety in dogs using CBD oils. Although there aren’t many studies proving the working of CBD oils in controlling anxiety, there are enough pieces of evidence and incidents showing the beneficial aspects of CBD oils in terms of the reduction of anxiety in dogs.


CBD oil lack fatty acids and hence automatically becomes one of the ideal ingredients for relieving stress and high blood pressure in dogs.


CBD oils are highly recommended for dogs lacking appetite due to underlying diseases or the usage of other drugs. CBD oil helps in the reduction of vomiting and nausea while also increasing appetite in dogs. This makes it highly beneficial for the dogs.With the vast variety of benefits that come in along with the consumption of CBD oils, there is also a range of risks associated with the use of CBD oils that can have adverse effects on the health of dogs. These adverse effects and risks can be caused by a variety of reasons including poor quality of hemp extract used in the CBD oil or inaccurate dosage or potency levels of the oil consumed. The adverse effects of CBD oils in dogs include digestive problems, thirstiness, certain noticeable changes in the blood pressure along with a higher level of stress, and increased anxiety. Consultation with the vet is, therefore, very crucial when it comes to the consumption of CBD oils for dogs since certain breeds can be sensitive to the products and show adverse and undesirable effects.